Baytown hotels fill with La. residents escaping Isaac

Published On: Aug 30 2012 04:13:57 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 29 2012 05:45:17 AM CDT
BAYTOWN, Texas -

Hurricane Isaac forced many people out of their homes as mandatory evacuations were put into place, but some others opted to leave on their own.

"We decided to come to Houston and to Baytown," said JoAnn Armstrong, who left her New Orleans home on Monday. "This is where I was before for Katrina."

Armstrong and 20 of her family members decided not to chance it. They headed west on I-10 as did many others from Louisiana.

The parking lots of Baytown motels and hotels are full of cars with Louisiana license plates.

"We're staying here until Friday hopefully. If we have to stay longer, we'll stay for a few more days," Armstrong said.

She and her family are trying to make the best of the situation, swimming in the motel's pool and eating dinner together, but their minds are on the hurricane and what's happening back home.

"We're concerned about the people who couldn't leave or stayed behind," said Joy Blackstone.