There's Chinese, Indian and Mexican food, but all of the restaurants we're about to mention have something in common -- and that something has four legs.

"We'd like to see if you could show us around to see if you guys have fixed your roach problem," consumer investigator Amy Davis told the manager of Madras Pavillion at 3910 Kirby.

Inspectors said they found dead roaches in the steam table water and live roaches throughout the restaurant, including in the oven, sink and dish rack. 

They temporarily closed the place in November and again in March.

Manager Chandran Siti told Davis told he changed out shelving and floor, but he blames the roaches on the rain that floods a grease trap outside, sending the pests in.

At Thai Cottage at 3995 Richmond, inspectors said they saw two roaches in a wine cabinet. They tossed two pounds of beef infested with roaches from the Taqueria Jalicso Mex, a mobile food truck parked at 2322 1/2 Wirt Road. 

Inspectors said they spotted two live roaches inside La Reynera's Bakery at 4120 McKinney. 

Inspectors said there were fleas around products on display in the bakery of HEB at 10100 Beechnut.

At Oishii Japanese Restaurant at 3764 Richmond, inspectors asked employees to move the fly trap hanging above the food prep area.

We looked high and low for a restaurant with no violations, and we found one at 6455 Hillcroft. Tastee Pizza earns an A in this week's Restaurant Report Card.