American Airlines planes throughout the country were grounded for several hours Tuesday after a nationwide network outage completely shut down the
company's reservations system.

Travelers at Bush Airport were among the thousands frustrated by an afternoon of cancellations and delays.

"I really wanna get home," Matthew Leighton of Boston said. "I know people who were actually within feet of where the bombings went off in Boston.
They've been very shaken. I just wanna get back and comfort them."

Leighton said he'd been in Katy this past week with his grandparents, visiting relatives.

"We're stuck," Leighton's grandmother Joyce Gray said.  "We were supposed to get to Boston at 8:35 pm but obviously American (Airline's) system is down."

Like thousands of other American Airlines passengers, the Bostonian family was forced to wait until the company's reservation computers started working again. 

Meanwhile, the company offered full refunds and even helped some passengers find flights on other airlines.

"This is the worst by far the worst," said Charlotte Reburn, a Houstonian trying to get to Spain on vacation. "I'm very frustrated."

Just before 4pm local time, the airline's computer system began firing up and passengers were once again on their way.

American Airlines first issued news of the computer problems via Twitter.  Tuesday afternoon, the company continued its social media communication
issuing this statement via Facebook:

"It is important to note we see no evidence that today’s technical outage is related to the tragic events in Boston. We will continue to provide more information throughout the day as we make progress in resolving this issue.

We apologize to our customers and our people for this inconvenience."