A wrecker driver spotted an alligator crossing a street in Magnolia.

The incident happened around 2 a.m. Monday on Buddy Riley Boulevard and FM 1774.

Richard Wible said he was driving when he spotted an alligator moving across the street in front of the Magnolia main fire station.

The wrecker called police and was able to rope the gator, and tape his eye and mouth shut with electrical tape.

Texas Parks and Wildlife were notified and the gator was taken to a large undisclosed body of water.

"He decided he was going to fight a little and slapped me across the back [with his tail]. They have no power to open their jaws, only to bite down. So I wasn't worried about that. I'm just glad we got him out of harm's way and he's free to go now," said Richard Wible, the wrecker driver.

Since the gator was found on Buddy Riley Boulevard, the men named the gator "Buddy."

After Buddy was released, he laid still in the water for a few minutes, watching his captors before swimming off.

Photos: Wrecker driver catches small alligator

Published On: Sep 03 2012 12:01:28 PM CDT

A wrecker driver catches a small alligator he found crossing a street in Magnolia.

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