A member of the Houston Aeros hockey team was been suspended for sending what some are describing as an offensive tweet.

Justin Fontaine, the team's second leading scorer, was suspended for two games after he tweeted a derogatory comment following a performance by the band, The Foo Fighters, during Sunday night's Grammy Awards.

Fontaine deleted the tweet and apologized, but the action still cost him a two game suspension.

"My apologies to everyone, it was wrong. Twitter rookie and it came out totally wrong. It was a roommate battle, nothing more. sorry," tweeted Fontaine to his followers.

"The longer social media has been around the less it surprises me that individuals who represent organizations are getting in trouble for things they say," said Katrina Esco, who works for web development company, Shipul, and manages social media for corporate clients.

Fontaine is just another high profile person to face a backlash for tweeting questionable comments.

Two weeks ago, political commentator and Houston-native Roland Martin was suspended by CNN for tweeting a comment many thought was also demeaning to homosexuals.

Martin is still serving a suspension and has agreed to meet with members of GLAAD, a gay rights group.

Esco encourages companies and sports teams to develop social media policies and remind everyone that they have an obligation to tweet responsibly.

"Think about who your audience is. Think about who is going to see it. Your parents, your pastor, a teacher, anyone," said Esco. "You want to be thoughtful about what you say because just like my friends can push me out of my social circle [for offensive tweets] my company can lose business."

Fontaine will serve out his two game suspension this week and becomes eligible to play with the Aeros on February 18, said a team representative.