The frantic 911 call of a woman who had her car stolen with her baby inside has been released.

Lashanna Hailey had to run home to her apartment complex a few blocks away to make the call after her car was taken from a Texaco station in north Houston.

"I need you to find my baby," Hailey is heard saying.

Workers inside the store also called for help.

It's clear from the call that Hailey had a good look at the man who stole her car and her baby. Police still haven't found him.

"I have an 8-month old in the car," Hailey says.

"Was he black, white,Hispanic or Asian," the operator asks.

"He was black," Hailey says. "He had a high top, a striped shirt and red shorts."

For seven hours, Hailey had no idea where her daughter was. That was until a jogger found the baby alone and abandoned in a field.

The baby is fine and now back home with her mom.