A 6-foot long, 120-pound alligator caused a stir that was even too much for Fort Bend County deputies to handle.

A Cinco Ranch homeowner called deputies after witnessing children throw rocks at the gator.

A deputy responded but quickly called for backup after the gator started to chase him. That's when Chris Stevens, a licensed nuisance alligator control hunter, stepped in.

"It was obviously a very aggressive alligator that'd been fed by people; it'd lost it's fear of people," Stevens said.

Stevens wrangled the gator and then let neighborhood children get up close, hoping to teach understanding, not fear.

"Alligators are vital to ecosystem. People are safe around alligators," said Stevens.

Stevens advises people who encounter a gator to make a loud noise to scare it away, and then call deputies or the Texas Parks and Wildlife Office if it doesn't go away.

It is against the law to harass or feed alligators. Illegally killing a gator is a felony.

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Published On: Jul 24 2014 10:07:05 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 24 2014 10:07:42 PM CDT
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