Three men are facing serious charges after police said they stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a southwest Houston Target.

According to reports, they busted into the store on Westheimer Road near Lazy Hollow Drive around 3:45 a.m. Sunday.

As they started taking items from the store, a security company called the Houston Police Department and explained what was happening.

"Two officers arrived [...] and noticed that the front windows of the store were damaged," said Sgt. Christopher Zamora with the Houston Police Department. "It looked like someone had forced entry."

The officers then walked around to the back of the store, where they spotted three men running away from the store wearing masks and gloves.

"The officers proceeded to chase the suspects," Sgt. Zamora said. "They detained two of the suspects a short time later, about three blocks away from the Target."

The third man, police said, managed to run away and hide briefly, until police called in a K-9 unit.

"At that point, the K-9 handler and his dog found the third suspect hiding nearby," said Sgt. Zamora.

All three men were taken into custody. 

Police said they also found approximately $21,000 worth of stolen electronics in several bags -- including laptops, iPads, headphones, and DVDs.

Names of those arrested were immediately released.