Three children managed to escape a house fire in southeast Houston thanks to the quick actions of the eldest child, according to HFD.

The homeowner said her three children were home alone when the fire started, with the eldest watching over the two younger kids.

"My daughter called me in a panic because I work at night," said Ditre Huff, the homeowner and mother of all three children.  "She told me the house was on fire.  So I asked her to make sure the other two were out, and they got out."

Huff's oldest daughter made sure everyone got out safely and then called 911, said firefighters, who arrived at the home on Stanwick a short while later, around 12:15 a.m. Saturday.  When they got to the house, they found flames and smoke coming from the attic.  Apparently a fan in the bathroom hadn't been working for some time and caught fire.

"I had a short [in] the vent in the bathroom," Huff said.  "It hadn't been working, so someone must have accidentally turned it on and left it on without knowing, and it caused an electrical short."

HFD put out the fire and said the home is still livable.

But for Huff, the most important thing was that none of her children were injured.

"Everyone's safe," she said.  "Everyone's safe."