Two HISD middle schoolers were arrested after one of them pulled a knife during a fight on a school bus.

The incident happened around 8 this morning on a bus carrying students to Cullen Middle School.

HISD spokeman said two students, ages 13 and 15, got into a fight on the bus. That is when the younger student allegedly pulled out a knife.

A bus attendant stepped in to break up the altercation and was hit in the head. She suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital as a precautionary measure. She has since then been released.

Now parents are concerned for the safety of their own children.

"Yea because you never know what is going to happen, I am surprised, this is a middle school," said Crysler Boyles, a concerned Father.

"They need help, they need to be taught more about life, about what they are supposed to do, this is uneccesary," said Gracie Smith, a concerned Mother.

HISD Police reviewed the surveillance footage from a security camera on-board the bus, and it will be used in the investigation.
The case has been sent to the Harris County district attorney's office for review.