A Houston woman was charged Thursday after two children were injured Halloween night while trick-or-treating in north Houston.

Police said Katherine Sanford was driving her SUV in the 9100 block of Sweet Water Lane near Saddle Rock when she hit a boy and girl as they crossed the street Wednesday evening.

"My husband was driving the black truck. The accident happened in the middle of the street. He stopped and grabbed the little girl and brought her over here and I called the ambulance, I called 911," said a woman who witnessed the accident.

Alfredo Orozco, 11, and Bianca Orozco, 6, were taken to the hospital. According to HPD, the boy suffered a broken femur bone and the girl received scratches on her face.

Sanford was charged with DWI and driving while a license is suspended.

The speed limit on the road is 30 mph and there are no street lights in that area, witnesses said.