The search is on for a gunman who opened fire on a young man as he was coming home from work in northwest Houston.

Micheal Boyd was pulling into the driveway of his home when he was shot. Investigators say they found more than 30 shell casings on the road.

Boyd, 20, had just pulled into his driveway after a night of work at a nearby Kroger. He didn't even have a chance to open his car door before someone, armed with a rifle, opened fire at least 30 times.

His mother was inside and heard the shots.

"Normally he does the same thing every night. He comes home at 1:15. He gets home at 1:15, I sit up and wait on him. But this particular night I heard like five gunshots. I hit the floor," said his mother, Vertalee Boyd.

Houston police showed up the scene on Carver Road in northwest Houston to collect evidence, including dozens of shell casings. There were several bullet holes in Boyd's car.

"For this to happen, it had to be somebody who knew Michael's routine, who knew Michael personally. He's a very quiet boy, so this had to happen from somebody who had close contact with him, this is not just ironic or a drive-by; this is not what this is. Somebody knew Michael," said his aunt, Felicia Gibson.

Emergency crews rushed Boyd to the hospital, but he died a short time later. Police are trying to figure out the motive behind the killing, which at this point doesn't seem to be random.

"He wasn't rowdy, he wasn't a person with saggy clothes. Michael was an upstanding young man, he worked very hard. He didn't bother anybody. He went to work and he came home. He stayed in the house and if he was there, you wouldn't even know he was there," said Vertalee Boyd.

Police are interviewing neighbors and family members to try and determine who may be responsible.