Police say the owners of a gas station and convenience store on the corner of Little York and Cheeves Road may have been targeted by a man who wanted to rob them.

"We think the suspect was watching the owners of the store," said Sgt. Raymond Gannon, with the Houston Police Department. "He may have known they were the owners, may have known their routine."

The two business partners were leaving their store and getting into a white a SUV when the robber approached the passenger side window. Police said he fired at least two rounds and the passenger was hit twice, one bullet entering his chest. 

Police said it's possible the suspect may have thought a black bag the man was carrying that was full of cigarettes may have been a bag of cash. 

After the shooting the injured man managed to chase the suspect around the corner. He also told police he got the gun away from him.

Police have not recovered the weapon.

"Yeah, he talked to me," said Iqbal Rizvi, one of the clerks.

Rizvi said his injured boss came back into the store and told him to call for help.

"Then he laid down on the floor and he asked for water," Rizvi said.

The man was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

The driver of the SUV was not hurt and the search continues for the shooter. 

Houston police said it's obvious the intent of the shooting was robbery but it's unclear what the suspect got away with. They did find at least one $100 bill in the car.