Off-temperature food is one of the leading causes of food poisoning; and Local 2 consumer expert Amy Davis found a couple of examples in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

They're serving up burritos and margaritas at Bullrito's on Weslayan and Richmond; but, health inspectors say the chicken at the restaurant was 53 degrees. The beef 50 was degrees. Both temperatures are much higher than the 41 degrees required by the state health code.

"You know that can make people sick? Why was the meat so warm? Why was it off temperature," Davis asked Bullrito's assistant manager on duty. He got his supervisor on the phone to answer Davis' questions.

Bullrito's regional area director told Davis the meat wouldn't have been so warm if the inspector hadn't keep the cooler door open for so long before taking the temperature. She then said the problems highlighted in Bullrito's most recent inspection were all corrected.

At China King Chinese restaurant at 12600 Bissonnet, inspectors noted live roaches on the floor, a dead mouse on a glue board and chicken, beef and shrimp all off-temperature for more than four hours. There were more roaches at Church's Chicken at 9122 Mesa, and a roach on the floor in the kitchen of Great Wraps in the food court of the Galleria. At La Moreliana at 1050 West Rankin, inspectors say they found packages of outdated pork meat that was a month past expiration.

We found spotless inspections at IHOP 13388 Northwest Freeway and Neo's Yogurt at 1918 Fountainview. Both places earn an A+ in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

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