Law enforcement officers across Houston and Texas are beginning to double their efforts to catch drunk drivers and they'll continue through July 8, prosecutors, officers and state troopers announced Thursday.

They said they'll use mandatory blood tests to help them.

Officers hope by that putting a new face to the tragedy of drunken driving, people won't even take the chance.

"Here I am, a prisoner of my own body," said Sean Carter, a drunken driving crash survivor and new "face" of the Texas Department of Transportation's "Faces of Drunk Driving" campaign. He spoke during a news conference in Houston.

Carter's voice may be computer-generated, but his story and tragedy are all too real. Carter barely survived a severe crash when a drunken driver -- his college friend --slammed his truck into a tree. Carter admits he was also drunk that night. The crash caused a traumatic brain injury, leaving him unable to walk or talk.

For two years, Local 2 has chronicled Carter's journey. The station has aired stories showing his travels across Texas and the country using his computer-aided voice to spread his anti-drunken driving message. His nonprofit group, "When Sean Speaks," does presentations for schools, community groups, conventions and DWI impact panels. 

Local 2's award-winning series of stories also showed Carter's amazing efforts to walk again. Carter worked with physical therapy researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. With help from his mom, Jenny, he literally walked away after a summer's worth of therapy.

Sean and Jenny Carter are now traveling Texas as the new members of the "Faces of Drunk Driving" campaign. They are now spreading his story of prevention to an even bigger audience.

"Sean and I have worked so hard on our own," said Jenny Carter. "Now to be affiliated with the campaign, it's like God is working with us, I think. I just can't explain how special it is and how much it means to us because look at all the lives now we can reach."

As Sean Carter shares his story, he continues to walk on to new adventures. The mom and son team hoping his face and his accident changes others' decision to drink and drive.