No. 1: "Mr. Wrong"

In recent years, Ellen DeGeneres has become a highly respected talk show host. But a few years ago, she was helming her own sitcoms. Before that, she was a stand-up comedienne.

Oh, and she is gay. We all knew that, and no one really cared. But when she decided to make the 1996 flick "Mr. Wrong" with Bill Pullman and Joan Cusack, we couldn't help but scratch our heads and say, "Why?"

For a romantic comedy (or any movie, for that matter) to work there has to be some plausibility. We have to believe that Superman can fly. We have to believe that a bare-footed Bruce Willis can stop a band of elite international terrorists. We have to believe that Ellen likes men.

Well, "Superman" and "Die Hard" did really well; not so much for Ellen.

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