If you win the heart of a man like this, you will be the queen of his world forever.

mixed-breed mutt dog behind chain link fence

Mixed breed: Honorable men rescue 'mutts' from shelters

A man who intentionally chooses mutt ownership is likely to be a decent and sensible human being. "Mongrels" are statistically healthier, less expensive and can possess any combination of desirable breed traits.

It is honorable to rescue a shelter dog, most of which are of mixed breeds. The ideal dog-loving man is one who is willing to offer his home to an elderly dog or to one with chronic issues which cannot otherwise be adopted.

Plus, a guy who questions the mere perpetuation of intentional canine over-breeding may just have a James Dean-type rebel streak in his blood, which is always hot.

So if you can score a dude with an elderly mutt he's recently adopted, it's likely this man can be your moral compass throughout your life of good deeds together.

Do not let this man get away as he is by far a rare breed.