Since this is as sexy as this topic is going to get, let's move on to toys.

Martha Stewart Santa dog toy

No. 1: Toys that don't stand a chance

Our canines are good at convincing us that they're smarter than the average dog. They sit and shake on command and bark at strangers to show that they have our backs.

But at the end of the day, they're furry creatures who'll spend 20 minutes chewing their toys to shreds. That's why holiday toys are a must in every dog's gift basket.

Exclusively at a PetSmart and toys by Martha Stewart Pets. Pooch can show his affection for Kris Kringle by sinking his teeth into the Santa flat plush toy, which costs $8.99. After giving that toy a good thrashing, watch him demolish the Gingerbread Man squeak toy, priced at $6.99.

With many more holiday toys on the market, include a bunch of them for added décor in your pup's basket.

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