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Mystery of Knut the polar bear's death solved

More than four years ago, Knut the polar bear suffered a seizure and drowned in his enclosure in Germany as horrified zoo visitors watched.

Lots of questions and theories followed on what killed the beloved polar bear-- only to be discounted later.…


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Meet Nitama, Japan's new cat stationmaster

It's one of the most closely guarded succession plans outside of North Korea: Who will replace Tama?

Japan's cute cat stationmaster passed away earlier this year, leaving a kitty-shaped hole in the country's heart and its 27,000 kilometer-long…


PHOTOS: Viewers share pictures of their dogs for...

Viewers share pictures of their dogs for National Dog Day. Email your photos to or use #KPRC2 on social media.


Owner blames hospital for missing dog

An area dog owner is outraged after her pet that was being groomed at an Alief animal hospital ran off the property.


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Obscenity-uttering parrot detained by police

A parrot in the Indian city of Rajura has been taken from its owner after police determined it was harassing an 85-year-old woman.


KPRC 2 AT 5 p.m.: Clear the Shelters special

Across the country, thousands of animals were saved from shelters on Clear the Shelters Day, including more than 630 in the Houston area. Watch Saturday at 5 p.m., to see how families across our area and in cities across America are trying to bring…


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National Zoo panda gives birth

Giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth Saturday, the Smithsonian's National Zoo announced. It was relatively quick: About an hour after her water broke.

"Mei Xiang reacted to the cub by picking it up. The panda team began preparing for a birth when they…


Gabbie Hendel

'Klepto Kitty' rockets to Internet fame

An orange tabby cat named Snorri is rocketing to Internet fame thanks to an adorable (exasperating?) habit of stealing the shoes of neighbors.


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40 Chihuahuas headed to new homes

Forty Chihuahuas are taking the flight of their lives to potential new homes in Idaho.


Area pet owners claim wires found in dog food

Pedigree is not a product many dog owners are allowing their pets to eat after wiry, hairlike fibers were found attached to the kibble in dog food bags across the country.


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