No. 1: Compromising your ethics

Ethical compromises come up no matter what type of professional you are: doctor, lawyer, office assistant or journalist. Each profession has either a written or unspoken ethical code. Some people get dangerously close to the line, while others cross it willingly.

If your boss or supervisor wants you to conduct a task that feels ethically wrong and you do it, it can chip away at your soul. If the behavior continues, it can just get worse and become tougher on your conscience.

There's a time and place to bend the rules, but if your gut is telling you there's a problem or it's quite black and white, then you have two choices: go along with it, or say no. Going along with it can be a great short or long term solution and the same goes for saying no -- it all depends on the situation.

Your job may hurt you no matter what -- there are so many ways that can happen. But you know where your line is. As long as you're not crossing your line, you're staying true to yourself.

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