businessman in suit lifting weights

No. 1: Get an office workout

Sitting at a desk from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is not an ideal environment for exercising, plus, after sitting for long periods of time, back pain starts to form. But multitaskers, rejoice: exercising at work is easier than it sounds and can even blend in without looking bizarre.

To build shoulder and chest strength, place hands on chair armrests and gently lift yourself off of the bottom. Lower back down until almost touching seat, hold for a few seconds and repeat 15 times.

To prevent tight muscles, stretch by facing forward, turning head to the left and torso to the right, holding for a few seconds. Then repeat 15 times with alternating sides.

Finally, one minute of high-impact exercise is recommended to jump-start heart rate, and though performing jumping jacks next to the fax machine may be out of the question, running up and down the stairs is a more reasonable alternative.

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