Why is it important to make sure your bra is in tip-top shape? Because the better it works, the better you look ...

girl shopping for lingerie bras

No. 1: Good fit means you look good

Finding the right-sized bra doesn't just mean that you will be more comfortable, it also means you will look good.

The right-fitting bra can make you look taller, it will lift your breasts to reveal more of your waist, and it can even make you look slimmer.

Bare Necessities recommends wearing a T-shirt when you try on bras to help determine how you look in the undergarment.

Nethero also adds that wearing the right-sized bra can restore some youthfulness to your look. She told Good Housekeeping that a contour-cup bra has stiff, molded cups that can help give shape and support to your bust.

So put those old, ill-fitting bras in a drawer and go out and find one that offers you a better look and fit.

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