All vampires are bugs crawling through the dirt compared to the daddy of them all. Whether you're talking the 1931 original played by Bela Lugosi or the 1992 Gary Oldman version, Count Dracula exudes sexuality.

And it has to be said that he's endowed with many qualities that give him a decided advantage over many of his rivals. There's the fact that he has a title and a castle, but on top of that there's also the exotic accent. Let's face it, "I'm going to suck all your blood out" just sounds sexier when given that Transylvanian voice.

Dracula's portrayed as tall, stylish, and possessing an aura of power and confidence, all qualities intrinsically associated with sexiness. Having a coterie of writhing sexy vampires also provides kudos.

Dracula's the master of seduction and no woman can resist once she's looked into his mesmerizing eyes. The fact that he's a bad, bad man doesn't do anything to subtract from his sex appeal!

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