There's no deception with these delicious wonders (other than, perhaps, the self deception of you saying you're never going to eat them again).

There are no claims of low fat or low sugar or low calorie; the only thing low about these is your self-esteem after plowing through the entire bag (and loving every second of it).

But if you really love sugar, you'll love our No.1 choice ...

Candy Corn, Halloween candy

No. 1: Candy corn

Kids love corn. Kids love candy. Although candy corns have no actual corn, and although the candy component of one of the most disgusting delicious foods ever created is unrecognizable, kids (and adults) love candy corns.

Although candy corns do not contain a warning on the label, they should. They can bring on quite the sugar high.

However, no matter how believable they are, there's no truth to reports of incidents of candy corn gorging, followed by toxic shock delirium, followed by planting a garden of candy corns in hope that a candy cornstalk will be ready for harvest in a few months.

The main ingredients of candy corn are sugar, corn syrup, and artificial colors and binders. No wonder it tastes so good!

Although candy corns are a popular Halloween treat, their value exists in their ability to remain fresh and consumable in the sugar drought that occurs after Halloween chocolate is gone and before Thanksgiving's most disgusting, lovable desserts commence.