Leg pain could signal vein problem

Published On: Aug 16 2012 01:36:42 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 30 2012 11:09:51 AM CDT

If you experience a new, persistent pain in your leg after standing or sitting you should see you doctor, the Mayo Clinic advises, as it could signal a problem in your veins.


According to the hospital, leg pain can have many roots, but pain after sitting or standing could signal a buildup of fluid in the veins in your leg, or venous congestion.


According to the Mayo Clinic, venous congestion happens when the valves in your leg veins don’t keep blood moving well from your legs to your heart. Instead, the blood pools in your legs and feet.


People who suffer from venous congestion typically describe the pain in their legs as a burning or cramping sensation. This usually occurs in the calf.