You can sleep better as you age

Published On: Oct 09 2012 02:56:40 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 24 2012 03:53:09 PM CDT

By Barbara Floria, Pure Matters

Sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome are sleep disorders more likely to affect older adults, says the National Sleep Foundation (NSF).

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that causes you to stop breathing briefly many times a night while you sleep. If your spouse complains about your heavy snoring or says you seem to have trouble breathing while you sleep, see your doctor.

Restless legs syndrome causes tingling, pain, tickling, or the feeling that something is crawling in your legs. These sensations can cause you to kick your legs in your sleep and make your sleep restless. They’re not dangerous, but tell your doctor if they keep you awake.

Sleep problems

According to the NSF, these conditions that may also decrease your ability to get a good night’s sleep:

Sleep savers

These suggestions can help you get a better night’s sleep: