Drop a pile of spinach on that turkey burger, or sauté it with some garlic for a great side for fish. Adding spinach into soup or on top of a light pizza can be an alternative for those who aren't a fan of leafy greens.

No matter how you get it, spinach is one of the most palatable and readily available sources of antioxidants and potassium.

bowl of oatmeal

No. 1: Oatmeal

It's possible the quote, "Oh boy, oatmeal!" has never been uttered, but anyone looking to eat with their heart in mind should try to say it.

Sure, oatmeal gets a bad wrap; you could be eating it on a speed boat and still be bored. But with a little spice, some crunch and taste of sweetness, that oatmeal will be at the top of your heart-healthy breakfast menu.

Like other heart-healthy foods, oatmeal lowers bad LDL cholesterol and is filled with cholesterol-absorbing fiber.

The best thing about oatmeal is that you can add just about anything, and it's still a good hot breakfast. Cinnamon and raisins are a popular way to kick up the taste. But almonds, walnuts and even soy nuts can really bring some texture.

It might sound simple, but a simple bowl of oatmeal with some honey and a piece of toast can be a great staple breakfast -- and one that won't clog arteries like bacon and eggs.