Set Your Windows Free!

While you're rethinking your color schemes, you might want to rethink your window curtains and drapes as well. Heavy window curtains can block natural light even when they are pulled away from the window. If you really want to reveal more of your natural light, consider switching out your heavy fabrics for simple, lightweight ones that can reveal the whole window when opened. Cotton or polyester fabrics work well and can be made into sheer or translucent curtains that even allow light into your home while closed. This is a great way to maintain privacy and still take advantage of the daylight outside. Remember, the color of your lightweight curtain will influence the color of the light in your room. You can create a wash of golden light through the installation of gold or yellow curtains, or add a rosy tint to your room with red or burgundy curtains. Have fun using curtain colors to enhance the atmosphere of your home!