Plants and Trees

Everything placed inside of an authentic Zen garden has meaning. For Buddhists, Zen gardens are more than places to relax and unwind. These gardens embody the true spirit of Buddha, which is sacred, quiet, and restful.


Even the trees and plants that are grown in a Zen garden are important. You won't find a lot of flowers inside of a Zen garden, but trees and shrubs are quite common. Here are a couple of ideas:


  • Pine Tree: the bark of a pine tree often represents the scales of a dragon. Dragons are an important symbol in Buddhism, and they often symbolize nature.
  • Shrubs: shrubs that are contained in pots can be added to a Zen garden. Place these throughout your garden in strategic spots.


When planting anything inside of your Zen garden, keep in mind that all elements of a Zen garden should be kept entirely natural. In short, skip the bright colored flowers, and stick to carefully pruned trees, shrubs, and plants.