Your Signature Space Style

Now that you know it's possible to turn a concrete space into a green wonderland, you'll have to decide upon your personal courtyard style. Thankfully, there are tons of different landscape design styles to choose from. Begin by thinking about the kinds of things that you'd like to see and grow. Are you looking for some fresh summer vegetables? Maybe you simply want to see some shrubs and flowers every morning. No matter what you heart desires; your signature space style dreams can come true.

  • Clean it Up: First spend a couple days hauling off refuse and yard waste that may have accumulated in your courtyard. Start with a clean slate.
  • Build a Deck or Patio: Most urban courtyards have gravel or asphalt ground surfaces. You can create a distinctive space by building a deck or flagstone patio. Don't want to spend on materials? Reclaimed bricks and stones make for great patio spaces. If a deck is out of your league and a reclaimed flagstone patio is out of your skill level, opt for a Zen rock garden patio. Build a wood frame and fill it with pebbles.
  • Add outdoor living elements. Some used or new outdoor furniture and a fire pit will make you feel right at home.