Home Theater

A home theater might sound great to you as an avid movie watcher, but the same might not hold true for every potential buyer looking at your home. If you will be spending a few more years living in your house before you sell it and you know that you will get a lot of enjoyment out of having a plasma TV or a wall projector with a great audio system, then adding these personalized electronics might not be a bad idea. A great home theater could make your home stand out from others on the block when it comes down to selling time and adding curb appeal never hurts. However, the actual dollar for dollar value of installing a home theater will most likely not add much to your home's selling price. A safer bet would be to install a great speaker system with in-wall or hidden wiring that has the ability to be connected to whatever electronic gear your new buyers bring into the home. Not everyone wants a massive TV in their home, but almost everyone listens to music. Again, however, a superb audio system will still most likely only increase interest in your home, but not add home value.