Torsion Or Extension Spring Cables

Homeowners need do know whether they have a torsion or extension spring system in order to understand the dangers involved with replacing garage door cables, should it become necessary. Torsion spring systems have a spring, or pair of springs, that are located above the door and run parallel to the door. Here, the garage door cables are wound around drums that are located at both ends of the spring shaft. As the spring "unwinds," the cables are pulled up and wrap around the drums. The cables run vertically from their connection point near the bottom of the door to the drum. This simple, straight cable run will last for years without much need for maintenance, but should be inspected regularly.

When you inspect your garage door cables, look for kinks or frayed portions. If frayed areas are found, look for what might have caused this damage. A protrusion in the cable path could be the cause and needs to be corrected to prevent future damage. It is also important to keep the cables free of accumulated debris and to avoid heavy lubricants, as these can attract dirt.