Not all garages are used as parking spots. Those used as workshops or recreation rooms need different doors than a parking spot. Consider insulating a garage used as a living space. It will cut heating and cooling costs and increase comfort. The best insulation option is polystyrene or polyurethane sandwiched between layers of steel, with weather stripping. Click here to read about garage door insulation tax credits.

Consider translucent glass or polycarbon for a workshop in a mild climate. These doors provide minimal insulation, but can create a good, well-lit workspace, allowing in light while maintaining privacy.

Sectional doors may be unnecessary and inconvenient for a workshop. Use swinging doors or buy a sectional door with an additional regular door. Dutch doors can create a distinctive look and let in fresh air without letting kids and pets escape easily. Finally, sliding doors keep the space in front of the garage clear for parking a car while allowing for easy opening.