Turn your bathroom into a spa

Published On: Jul 24 2012 02:07:42 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 08 2012 02:06:55 PM CDT

By Cris Carl, Networx

Some of us lead more stressful lives than others. One renovation idea that can address aesthetics and stress reduction is to make your bathroom more “spa-like.” McDonald Remodeling, a remodeling company located in the St. Paul, Minn. region, offers some soothing ideas on their website:

“In bathrooms, calm design can lead to rejuvenating spaces. With that in mind, each bathroom has a style that befits the homeowners.”

Ideas the company offers include having a “soaking retreat,” where the bath tub or Jacuzzi is the focal point of the room; having a very simple, but stylish bathroom that needs little or easy upkeep; and having an nature-oriented, soothing color scheme or a large shower “tube” for a feeling of space while bathing.

Source: http://www.networx.com/blog/remodeling-tip-the-spa-bathroom