What's causing sudden spike in shark attacks?

Shark attacks in U.S. coast waters have been in headlines across the country. It has a lot of people wondering what's behind the sudden spike in attacks. KPRC 2's Owen Conflenti sought some answers from researchers who study shark behavior.

Ways to protect private information on social media from hackers

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts are all at risk as hackers can get into these accounts, but there are ways to protect private information.

Could you be a vampire and not know it?

Blood sucking, dark and evil -- the images have become part of modern pop culture, but Local 2 is learning Houston has its own self-proclaimed vampire community that isn't quite as dark.

Historic Houston mansion to be renovated

A piece of Houston history has been saved from a wrecking ball, thanks to a local couple who has purchased the property.

Apps that make studying more manageable

A lot has changed since most parents were in school, so why not embrace the technology and let it help?

What are cats capable of?

It's the video seen around the world. A dog viciously attacks a boy in the driveway of his home. But the family cat comes to the rescue.

Houston's alien hunter on a mission

Derrel Sims claims to be the world's leading expert on alien abductions, whose fascination began as a child.

Houses designed for dogs available to buy

A fire truck, a helicopter and a two-story modern wonder -- believe it or not, these are all designs of houses for your dog. Local 2's Owen Conflenti and his dog, Deano, took a tour of these homes.

Want kids to do their chores? There's an app for that!

My Job Chart helps parents set daily chores and goals, assign rewards, and teach kids the importance of saving.

Is this the home of the future?

California man creates a home powered by a cellphone from the moment you step out of bed.

Anthony, Owen crowned 'Kings of the Ice'

Local 2's Anthony Yanez and Owen Conflenti have been crowned the "Kings of the Ice."

Grand Prix of Houston preparations underway

Crews are working around the clock to get ready for this weekend’s Grand Prix of Houston.

Back 2 School Adventures: Move-in day at UH

Classes at the University of Houston begin Monday, so Anthony Yanez and Owen Conflenti headed to campus to help out.

Inside the world of 'Murderabilia'

From sports jerseys to old TV show posters, owning some type of memorabilia is nothing unusual. Murderabilia, however, is a different story.

Back 2 School: What to do if your kid hates school

So, what can you do if your child just hates school?

Back 2 School Adventures: Triplets tackle their shopping list

Owen Conflenti and Anthony Yanez help a father and his triplets with their back-to-school shopping.

Back 2 School Adventures: Haircuts for the kids

Local 2’s Owen Conflenti and Anthony Yanez take three Sugar Land students to get "hip Houston haircuts."

Owen's Extreme Adventures: Hang gliding on Lake Conroe

This week, Owen Conflenti headed up to Lake Conroe to go join the South Texas Fly Board to go hang gliding and flyboarding.

Would a plastic bag ban work in Houston?

Do you think a plastic bag ban would work in Houston?

SeaWorld animals stop by Local 2

Some of the cutest animals from SeaWorld San Antonio stopped by Local 2.

Figment Ranch in Cypress home to more than 60 llamas

There is a llama with a different personality every where you look on Figment Ranch in Cypress.

Operation USO Houston: Harrell family shares their story

A family now based in Houston says they appreciate the warm welcome from the USO Houston.

Real estate booming in Houston

Houston's real estate market is booming right now. Local 2 finds where buyers are in fierce competition, and sellers are closing the deal in record time.

App disables phone while driving

A new smart phone app has been created to curb dangerous use of the ubiquitous devices in cars.

Former synthetic marijuana user shares nightmare

K-2, spice and synthetic weed are sold at convenience stores, don't show up on drug tests and can provide a fatal high.

Inside the success of Buc-ee's

There are many things that have made Buc-ee's a hit -- like the lovable little beaver and, most importantly, amazingly clean restrooms.

High-tech apps, sites bring singles together

If you find yourself looking for love this Valentine's Day, it might be time to throw out the conventional dating rules and go mobile.

Hunters find exotic animals at local taxidermy

Hunters go all over the world to find their next big safari, but many say they come to Conroe Taxidermy to make their catch their family's prized trophy.

TSA finds, seizes unique weapons at airports

From large knives to nunchucks to small blades that look like a credit card, TSA officers say they have caught hundreds of bizarre weapons at Houston airports in 2012.

Machine guns, mega weapons for sale in Houston

Machine guns and military-style weapons are huge, powerful and can be bought legally in Houston.

What's behind pilot shortage threat?

The airlines have fallen out of public favor in recent years.  Now there could be a bigger problem in the industry's future -- not enough qualified captains for the cockpits.

DNA evidence identifies grocery store bank robber

A bank robber targets several banks inside grocery stores, and the FBI was able to track him down by what he left in shopping carts.

Why are there more wrecks in some places than others?

There are hotspots in Houston that are prone to accidents. Are these clusters just happenstance or are there lessons in the data to make the roads safer?

Gun range offers free CHL to teachers

A Katy gun range is offering anyone affiliated with a school the chance to learn how to use a gun and get a concealed handgun license for free.

Few FLDS members remain in Eldorado

It has been more than four years since lawmen raided the Yearning for Zion Ranch outside Eldorado, Texas. It now shows little signs of activity.

Are some Houston-area homes, buildings haunted?

Paranormal explorers across the Houston area are searching for things that go bump in the night.

How to place home security cameras

Cameras can help capture crooks on video if you become a crime victim. But where the cameras are placed is key.

Mega screens popular in high school football stadiums

Fans are keeping score and watching instant replays on mega screens in Houston, Katy, Cy-Fair and across Texas.

Doctors recommend key health tests for men

There are some medical tests every man needs to make sure there aren't any underlying problems. Find out which ones doctors recommend.

Houston man goes 'off the grid'

NBC's new show "Revolution" explores a post-electric world. So, what would happen if the real world went dark? One man is prepared.

How can you stop mosquitoes from breeding?

To mosquitoes, humans are walking, talking, billboards for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Experts said people should take steps to be sure mosquitoes stop breeding in their yards.

Fight the bite: Do mosquito gadgets work?

Hundreds of Texans have been infected with West Nile virus, which has many people wondering which products work best to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. West Nile virus section

Widow talks about life with West Nile, death

Almost 30 Texans diagnosed with West Nile virus this year have died. A woman talks about her husband's battle with the virus that eventually killed him.

Some online dating sites have money-making twist

There's a new wave of dating websites drawing controversy and customers.

Houston man travels to London for 7th Olympics

A Houston man loves the Olympics so much, he not only has been collecting memorabilia since 1968, he also travels to nearly every Olympics.

FBI: Children being exposed to porn

Innocent looking apps, like picture-making Instagram or message-sharing KIK, can turn into a predator’s best friend before a parent has even learned how to log in.

Could your iPhone spontaneously burn up?

A woman says her iPhone began spontaneously smoking and the battery burned through the back of the device.

Is revenge app healthy or dangerous?

Want to get revenge for something? There's an app for that, but it's causing controversy.


Teens use secret codes in 'sexting'

Those teen text messages delivered by fast-moving thumbs across a phone keyboard may be sending out sex requests in code. Find out how you can crack the code.

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