Houston homeowners install fake grass in backyards

Astroturf is a household name around the world, and it's gaining popularity where it all began in Houston.

Pet first aid tricks

For many, pets are members of the family and, just like with children, accidents happen.

Does synthetic urine sold at stores work?

Synthetic urine is legally bought and sold in Texas despite its widely known use as a way to try to fraudulently pass a drug screening.

4 cancer charities accused of bilking millions charged

The Federal Trade Commission, along with all 50 states and Washington, D.C., is charging four cancer charities with bilking more than $187 million from consumers.

Website connects owners with dog sitters

For most pet owners, a dog is just another member of the family. When they go on vacation, pet parents want to make sure those pups are taken care of properly, and if it can be done without breaking the bank, even better.

What job-seekers should do before entering market

Looking for that perfect job but not sure where to start? There are a few things job-seekers should do before entering the market.

Can you be fired for what you post on social media?

How responsible are you for what you post on social media? If you post something on your personal page without identifying your employer, can you be fired if your employer doesn't like it?

College prep part of curriculum for Humble ISD elementary students

It may be eight years away, but fifth-grade students at Humble ISD's Pine Forest Elementary School know a thing or two about college.

Woman who weighed 1,100 pounds puts painful past behind her

It was a story that made national news headlines: A 1,100-pound woman confined to her king-size bed, unable to walk or stand on her own, was facing a death sentence. It was not just because of her weight, though. Mayra Rosales of Hidalgo County, Texas, was also accused of murder.

Program matches families willing to donate embryos to those who want kids

The Snowflake Adoption Program is a program that matches families that are willing to donate embryos they no longer need for IVF to families that want to have children. Families like the Champagnes then adopt, birth and raise the child as their own.

Katy Boston Marathon bombing survivor expected to testify

Rebekah DiMartino, of Katy, was badly injured in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. In February, DiMartino will take the stand and testify against the surviving suspect.

Experts demonstrate self-defense techniques

Charlie Vega and Tracy Vega are self-defense experts who demonstrate how to stay alive if you're attacked.

Gallery features Houston history nearly lost

Walking into Sloane Gallery in Westchase Houston is like taking a walk back in time. The rooms and hallways of the gallery are filled from top to bottom with vintage black and white images that tell the story of life in Houston back in the 1920s and '30s.

Can cuddling with pets impact your sleep?

When many pet owners hit the sack for the night, those furry friends are right there in bed with them. But is that a good thing?

Laser surgery helps ease appearance of acne scars

Acne: Just about every teenager will get it and many adults get acne, too. Of those who suffer with it, 25 percent are left with permanent scarring.

Abbott campaign has six times more cash on hand than Davis

Greg Abbott's campaign announced last week that the Texas attorney general has more than $30 million cash on hand for the final push to the Nov. 4 election. His Democratic opponent, Wendy Davis, has a reported just over $5 million in her coffers.

Couple turns to social media to help cover cost of adoption

For some couples dreaming of starting a family through adoption, it can be a long and expensive process. That's why many of them are now turning to social media and total strangers to help them cover the costs.

Ranch land sales outside Houston area up

We know land inside the Loop is selling at record prices, but ranch land outside of Houston is currently a hot commodity, too.

Urban gardens replace abandoned property in Houston

Fresh fruits and vegetables grown here in the city, delivered right to your table the next time you dine out -- that's the idea behind a new movement to turn abandoned property into thriving urban gardens.

Local Marine veteran gets free new home

It's a day a wounded Baytown Marine veteran and his family will never forget.

New procedure helps men suffering from hair loss

It's not a cream, a spray or a pill. There's a new solution for male hair loss, that's practically permanent.

Strangers helping each other raise babies

Imagine having a child and agreeing to raise it with the help of a complete stranger. Men and women, who haven't met their mate but want children are going to extreme lengths to have a family.

Photo: Boys & Girls Harbor, Inc.

Needy children get brand new playground thanks to Houston company

The changing weather couldn't keep 200 volunteers in La Porte from building children a new place to play. The Boys and Girls Harbor is getting a new playground thanks to a local company Making a Difference.

Local 2 photojournalist John Treadgold

Local 2 has a new addition, Baby Freeman!

The Local 2 family is growing with the addition of a new baby.

What luxury presents to buy the royal baby

Local 2's Lauren Freeman reveals what gifts to get for a royal baby.

Inside the mind of Alzheimer's disease

It's impossible to know exactly what it's like to function with Alzheimer's disease, but a simulator sheds some light on what people with the disease have to live with.

Create your own one-of-a-kind shoes

If you've ever looked at a pair of shoes and thought you could design something better, here's your chance.

Mother's incredible body transformation

Losing weight after giving birth is never easy. But what a Kingwood mom did after giving birth to twins is simply inspiring.

Combination treatment helps patients fight lung cancer

Doctors are adding immune-boosting antibodies to chemotherapy drugs to help in treating lung cancer patients.

Houston hat makers ready for Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday and these Houston hat designers are ready for the Run for the Roses.

More natural beauty products in 2013

A Miami-based dermatologist expects more beauty products to include natural ingredients in 2013.

Houston store offers prom dresses for less

Prom season is just around the corner and with the big dance comes a big price tag. There is one store in Houston where you can find fancy dresses for less.

Hens in the city: Chickens are being raised in urban neighborhoods

Many Houston-area families are raising chickens in their back yards in an effort to eat more locally-grown, natural foods.

Women dance in stilettos to get fit

The latest fitness craze has women leaving their sneakers at home and shaping up in high heels.

Bullets, Botox paired at women's weekend retreat

A high-scale hunting lodge for women in the heart of the Hill Country offers its guests a retreat to enjoy the owner’s two loves -- bullets and Botox.

Which is cheaper: Fast food or cooking at home?

We know what's healthier, but what's cheaper -- going through a drive thru or cooking your meals? Lauren Freeman and Owen Conflenti put it to the test.

Procedure could improve aging dog's health

A few months ago, an Australian cattle dog named Layall was barely able to stand. Now, he's pulling his owner down the street, all thanks to a new procedure.

Debate over violent video games picks up steam

The debate over violent video games and their effect on children is once again raging.

Women take stores on the road

You could call it the highway to high fashion. Two Houston-area women are hitting the streets with mobile fashion trucks featuring shoes and unique clothing.

Lauren tries out 2013 fitness trends

Are you looking to shake up your workout with something new? Local 2's Lauren Freeman tries out the top three fitness trends of 2013.

Jewelry designer opens Houston stores

Kendra Scott is quickly becoming a household name. Her jewelry is worn by famous and not-so-famous fashionistas alike. What you may not know is the story behind the woman.

Parents have dog search home for drugs

Some families are hiring a drug-sniffing dog to search their own house.

Houston family deals with toddler obesity

A Houston family is turning the tables on toddler obesity through a program at a hospital. 

Lauren Freeman slimed live on Local 2

After nearly two weeks of voting for which KPRC Local 2 morning anchor you want to see slimed, the event is held and Lauren "won!" See behind-the-scenes pictures.

Consumers spend big bucks on Halloween

These days, Halloween means more than just candy and costumes. Today, families fill their yards, porches and even trees with spooky decorations.

Firefighters calendar raises money for burned children

An annual firefighters calendar will soon be released, and KPRC Local 2 has a sneak peak of it.

Drop-in day care centers offer convenience for parents

Drop-in day care centers are popping up, but are they really a good place to leave your children?

How do you raise a Texan?

The new generation of Texans are as diverse as our great state. How do you raise a child to be a true Texan?

Teen recovering from brain injury at football practice

Doctors say that small head trauma from hard hits can add up to devastating consequences.

Homeschooling becomes more mainstream

The concept of homeschooling is changing, and Local 2 found it's also becoming almost mainstream. Do you support homeschooling?

Moms cash in on selling kids' stuff

Some area moms are cashing in on what they call an addictive treasure hunt in consignment sales.

Local family makes trip to Olympics

A trip to the Olympics is an amazing experience for anyone but for one Katy family their trip to London is part of their summer of celebration.

Drug makes Botox effects last longer

An accidental medical discovery can make the effects of Botox last 30 percent longer, according to a Houston doctor.

Seemingly cosmetic problem could be serious disease

Something that may seem like a cosmetic problem could be a sign of a serious condition that could lead to blindness.

Zsuzsanna Kilian/SXC

Study: Smoking fathers pass along damaged DNA to children

A new study proves it's not just secondhand smoke that's harmful to children. 

Woman, 70, defies aging with diet, exercise

Annette Larkins, 70, looks decades younger than her true age and she credits a raw food diet and daily exercise with her youthful appearance and vitality.

HBU making big changes

It's a small university nestled off the Southwest Freeway, for now. But Houston Baptist University's president is bringing football to the school for the first time and making other big changes.

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