Another cold, dreary day Wednesday

Expect a cold and dreary day with a chance of rain Wednesday evening.

Cold and dreary day ahead Wednesday

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Another cloudy and cool day in Southeast Texas!

Temperatures have been below average for over two weeks and everyone is missing the sun!  The good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel but there are a few more grey days to get through.

Cold and wet day ahead Friday

Prepare for a cold and dreary day Friday

Hard freeze warning for parts of SE Texas; Frigid Thursday morning expected

A wind advisory is in effect for all of southeast Texas through 6pm Wednesday.  A Hard Freeze Warning will be in effect beginning midnight Wednesday night through Thursday morning at 8 o'clock for counties to the north of Houston.

Cold start to the week, cooler mornings ahead

Think it's cold this morning?  Later in the week it will be even colder

Cold Christmas morning, sunny and beautiful day ahead

Christmas morning begins chilly, with temperatures in the 30s, but it will be a sunny and beautiful Thursday afternoon.

Christmas Eve forecast is chilly, yet sunny

Christmas Eve starts out exactly as you would expect

Rain moves through area; cold front ahead

A cold front is set to move in, which will give the area a break from the fog but will bring rain.

Get ready for a wet couple of days

Get out the umbrella and be prepared for a wet commute.  Thursday morning begins wet and rain will continue off and on through Friday.

Cool temperatures await you Wednesday morning

The cool temperatures won't last long.  Thursday's high will be back around 70 degrees.

Cool morning, gorgeous day ahead Tuesday

Break out the sweaters.  Tuesday morning temperatures will be in the 40s to start but will warm up into the mid-60s by the afternoon.

Monday begins with a chance of rain

Monday begins with a chance of rain but a cold front moves in Monday afternoon

Beautiful weekend ahead with highs in the 70s

The weekend is shaping up to be gorgeous, with highs in the mid 70s Friday through Sunday.

Warm morning Thursday, highs in the lower 70s

The Houston area is starting the morning in the 50s, 20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. 

Windy and cold Monday, high of 49

Watch Monday's weather webcast

Cold front brings cool temperatures, lower humidity

A cold front has moved through, bringing cooler morning temperatures and lower humidity.  Watch Thursday's Weather Webcast. 

Warm and humid Tuesday, high of 86

Watch Tuesday's Weather Webcast

Cool morning, mid 80s by Wednesday afternoon

Watch Wednesday's Weather Webcast

Tuesday is gorgeous, dry and cool

Tuesday's weather looks gorgeous, with morning temperatures in the 50s and a high of 78.  Watch Tuesday's Weather Webcast. 

Warm and humid Friday, weekend could be wet

It will be another warm and humid day with a chance for hit-or-miss showers.

Hot and humid day ahead Wednesday

Late-summer heat and humidity continue to hold in Houston through the weekend. High temperatures on Wednesday afternoon will be in the low 90s, with "feels like" temperatures closer to 100 degrees during the hottest part of the afternoon.

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Heat and humidity make a comeback Tuesday

After a gorgeous weekend with fall-like weather, expect the heat and humidity to make a comeback Tuesday.

Fall weather brings comfortable temperatures

A cold front brings cool, dry air to the Houston area

Cold front expected Monday evening

Get ready for another cold front to slide through Houston Monday night.

Another hot and humid day in the forecast Wednesday

The summer swelter continues for the remainder of the work week before a hint of fall filters into southeast Texas for the weekend.

Relief from summer temperatures could be on the way

Late summer heat continues to plague the Houston area through the work week, but a weekend cold front continues to provide hope that a brief reprieve is on the way.

Cool front on the way later this week

Hot, humid, summer days and sultry summer nights will continue for southeast Texas through this work week. By the weekend, however, big changes will happen when our first Canadian cold front of the fall season spills into the area.

Another chance for rain Wednesday

Low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to bring rain to the coast

Rain chances increase Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday morning begins dry, but the chance of rain increases throughout the day.

Bus Stop Forecast: First 100 degree day ahead

Local 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez predicts Monday will be the first 100 degree day of the year.

Weekend forecast is hot, hot, hot

A heat warning remains in effect along the coast.  The high is expected to be 98 degrees through Sunday.

Heat warning along the coast Wednesday

The high is expected to be 96.  There is a chance for a few afternoon thunderstorms.

Tuesday's weather is hot and humid

According to Local 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez, a heat warning is in effect for cities along the coast.

Humidity is out in full force Monday

Local 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez predicts the humidity to remain in place throughout the week.

Wednesday is hot but offers a break from the humidity

A cold front is moving in from the north Wednesday morning, bringing with it drier air and cooler temperatures. 

Hot and humid are the key words Thursday

After reaching 94 degrees Wednesday, the area will see 95 today.

Storms in the forecast Thursday

Storms will develop Thursday and may continue through Friday morning

Chance of afternoon storms Wednesday

If you liked Tuesday's weather, you'll like the forecast Wednesday

Chance of rain in the forecast Tuesday

After a hot and humid but dry Monday, the rain chances ramp up Tuesday

Monday is the hottest day of the week

Monday's high is 98 degrees, but a front is on the way that will bring slightly cooler temperatures. 

Another hot and humid day ahead Tuesday

Bring the umbrella, there's a chance of rain in the forecast

Expect a rainy morning commute Friday

Expect a wet morning commute, but a flash flood watch that was in effect, has been canceled.

Another rainy day ahead Thursday

Bring the umbrella with you, more rain and storms are expected.

Wednesday's weather includes chance for thunderstorms

The morning will be quiet, but the afternoon will hold a chance for thunderstorms and a high of 92. 

Tuesday brings another chance for storms

Tuesday morning begins quiet, but Local 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez says storms will develop this afternoon.

Possible pop-up thunderstorms Monday

After a rainy weekend, Monday's forecast includes a chance for afternoon pop-up thunderstorms.  That chance continues through Wednesday.

July 4th forecast includes plenty of heat, possible storms

Friday's Independence Day forecast includes heat and the possibility of thunderstorms.  Local 2 meteorologist Anthony Yanez predicts storms will roll in this afternoon and stay in the area for several hours.

Wednesday will be hazy, hot and humid

Wednesday's weather is hazy, hot, humid and one degree warmer than Tuesday.

Tuesday's forecast is hot and humid

The first tropical depression of the year has formed off the coast of Florida.

Rain and flooding possible Wednesday

Local 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez says flooding 'a definite possibility'

Another wet day in store Tuesday

Late morning rain moves into Houston and by the afternoon, the area could see flooding, heavy rain, and even the possibility of lightning.

Humidity is back in full force Thursday

Local 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez says humidity will be back "in full force."

Wednesday's weather is mostly sunny

You'll notice a slight drop in the humidity

Morning showers in the forecast Tuesday

Drivers in the Houston-area will likely face rain on their morning commute, but no severe weather is expected.

The hottest day of the year is on the way

Sunday's high temperature will be 94, which would be the hottest day of the year. 

Wednesday's forecast is hot and humid

The forecast is hot and humid Wednesday, and for the first time in more than a week..dry. 

Tuesday's Weather: Hot, humid, and 90 degrees

The 90-degree temperatures follow a cooler than average May.

Ready for 90 degrees? It's coming this week

Monday may be the last day in the 80s

Rain could return Friday afternoon

Friday morning begins quiet and dry, but there's a chance the area could see rain Friday afternoon.

Chance of rain Thursday afternoon

Thursday morning will be quiet, which is a big change from the last several days.  There's a chance of rain Thursday afternoon. 

Houston area hit hard by rain for third straight day

Because the ground is so saturated from the past three days and more rain is expected Wednesday afternoon, a Flash Flood Watch for most of Southeast Texas has been extended until 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Get ready for a rainy week

Tuesday there is a severe weather threat, with hail, damaging winds and lightning possible.

Feel a pattern? Friday's weather is warm and humid

Temperatures will make it into the upper 80s this weekend, and it won't be until Tuesday that we could see another chance for rain.

Thursday's weather will be warm and humid

When will we see our first 90-degree day?

Wednesday's weather is humid and warm

Wednesday's weather will follow the pattern we've seen for the last several days:  warm and humid.  Temperatures will reach 86 degrees.

Another warm and muggy day on tap

By Thursday, temperatures will be near 90 degrees, with a high of 88.

Monday kicks off a warm, humid week

Look for the possibility of light morning rain

Friday begins with cool temperatures, ends with sun

Friday morning begins with cool temperatures, in the upper 50s and lower 60s. But we'll be back in the 80s in the afternoon with a high of 82.

Heavy rains cause flooding, power outages across Houston area

The rain came in with a vengeance overnight and one of the places hit hard was southwest Houston as people tried to make their way to work Monday morning.

Humid day with potential for storms

Friday begins with some rain off to the north, and there's a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms later today. 

Scattered showers will continue to impact SE Texas

Scattered showers with a few isolated thunderstorms will continue to impact southeast Texas through Friday.

Wednesday will be humid, highs in the mid-80s

Wednesday's weather will be similar to what we've seen this week already, humid and partly cloudy with a high of 84.

Tuesday's forecast is humid, partly sunny

If you liked Monday's weather, you'll like Tuesday's forecast

Monday is a muggy repeat of Sunday's weather

Did you enjoy Sunday's weather?  Monday will be a repeat for the most part, the only difference is that it will be a little more muggy.

Cloudy skies and temperatures in the 70s

Local 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez predicts a high of 78.

Cool, crisp morning and a beautiful day ahead

Local 2 Meteorologist Anthony Yanez predicts highs in the 70s

Heat and humidity are back in the forecast Tuesday

Tuesday morning begins quiet, with patchy fog. 

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Back 2 School Adventures: Move-in day at UH

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High temps, dry weather today

A strong ridge of high pressure builds in today.

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Festival of Lights begins this weekend

Nov. 10, 2012: More than 8,000 people set a record for walking the 'holiday path' at the debut of the Festival of Lights this holiday season. Anthony Yanez reports.

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