Back 2 School: Buying the right backpack

Back 2 School: Buying the right backpack

It's prime time to shop for school supplies, including backpacks.

Caught on camera: Postal worker throws package across driveway

Snow, rain, sleet or hail, you know the rest. But one mail carrier's not-so-careful handling of a package was caught on camera and it has the  man on the receiving end left with a box of damaged goods.

Houston Restaurant Weeks offers good food for charitable cause

Houston Restaurant Weeks isn't just about eating delicious food across town - it's also a charitable endeavor.

Restaurant Report Card: Roaches found at popular juice chain

Also included: Condemned bisque found at a popular downtown eatery.

Lake Conroe resort sued over death of 8-year-old

A Montgomery County resort is facing a lawsuit, accused of poor maintenance of electrical wiring that allegedly caused the death of an 8-year-old boy.

Apartment teardown causes dilemma for Montrose residents

Another mid-rise luxury apartment complex is in the works and it means dozens of people are looking for a new place to live.

Arrest made as more marijuana fields found in Polk County

Law enforcement finds more parts of an elaborate marijuana growing operation in Goodrich and an arrest is made.

Video of semi-pro MMA fighter knocking out robber goes viral

You saw him first on Local 2 -- a convenience store clerk who turned the table on a pair of robbers. Now his story has gone viral. Local 2's Amy Davis talked to the clerk-turned-hero about his newfound fame.

Gas station clerk with MMA training surprises thieves

A southside convenience store clerk turned the tables on a pair of accused robbers.

Freebie Friday July 25: Treasure hunting, fine art and health screenings

Also included: A free festival at Discovery Green and a chance for kids to learn about weather from one of KPRC's own meteorologists.

Local 2 investigation protects consumers from identity thief

Your information is safe from a convicted identity thief thanks to a Local 2 investigation.

DIY home security cameras

DIY security camera installations at home

Local 2 consumer expert Amy Davis compares different surveillance cameras and shows how homeowners are setting up their own surveillance systems for next to nothing.

Freebie Friday: Art, wine and music on the cheap

Find several family friendly events in the Houston area.

Neighbors worried over Kemah house turned into substance abuse facility

Homeowners are concerned that a house in their neighborhood will be used as a high-end drug rehabilitation facility.

Freebie Friday: 4th of July edition

Find art, music, food and movies at a bargain across the Houston area this weekend.

Could you be getting knockoffs at outlet malls?

Outlet malls are synonymous with saving money, a place to score brand name clothes and handbags on a budget. But what if we told you what you're really getting is a knockoff?

Graco recalls 1.9 million infant car seats

Graco is recalling an item used on almost 2 million infant car seats.


Are extended service agreements worth it to keep AC units in shape?

Keeping your air conditioning unit in shape can cost a lot of money. So Local 2 is taking a closer look at extended service agreements to see if they're worth the cash and if they actually pay off for homeowners.


Houston-area identity thief exposed on Local 2 now on probation

A Houston-area identity thief first exposed on Local 2 last year is now on probation and the thief's victim says now everyone's financial information is at risk.

City of Houston: Water is safe to drink, use

After four days of increasing complaints from citizens across Houston and a Local 2 News report, the city's Public Works Department finally released some answers about why the tap water recently tastes and smells foul.



Can a wristband repel mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are definitely annoying and that is why the Curtis family was happy to test out a new product -- a rubber wristband that repels mosquitoes.

More concerns over safety of bounce houses

A popular fixture at festivals and parties has proven to be a risk for children.

Apartment complex goes days without power

Dozens of families have been going without power since Saturday afternoon.

House prices, up arrow, money, taxes (generic 16x9)

Few days left to protest latest property tax bill

If you own a home in Harris County, you have only a few days left to protest your latest property tax bill. Experts say this is one of the most important years to protest the valuation of your home.


iStock Image

Where does your food come from? Labels don't tell entire story

You shop. You buy. You eat. Chances are you may not pay attention to where all that food comes from. But now, some experts say not knowing the origins of your food could be putting your health at risk.

5 apps parents should delete from kid's phones

KPRC Local 2's Amy Davis is explaining why a new trend in apps is taking bullying and criminal activity to a whole new level.

Overstuffed mailboxes have postal customers concerned

Stuffed and overflowing mailboxes at Houston area post offices have customers concerned the postal service is putting their mail and personal information at risk.

New high-tech device helps find ideal mattress for your body

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. It's why finding the right mattress is so important. But with so many options out there the decision can be daunting.

Restaurant Report Card: Failing to make a passing grade

From a dollar store to a fine steakhouse to a 4-star hotel, Houston health inspectors hold them all to the same standards.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebie Friday holiday edition

If holiday shopping already has your wallet tapped out this month, never fear because Freebie Friday is here!

Commission moves forward with proposal to allow cell phone calls during flights

The Federal Communications Commission Thursday decided to move forward with a proposal to allow cell phone calls during airline flights. Meanwhile, the list of opponents to this controversial move is also growing.

Restaurant Report Card: Coughing, sneezing not good for food handlers

It seems everyone's got the sniffles this week, but all that coughing and sneezing can be more than a nuisance if you're handling food at a restaurant.

Thanksgiving travel: Texas gas prices lowest in years

Millions of Texans will hit the roads this week to spend Thanksgiving with family and many will get an early Christmas present when they pull up to the pump to fill up.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebie Friday: Pre-Black Friday freebies

It's Freebie Friday and our list of things to get and do this weekend is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebie Friday: Free eats for veterans this weekend, Veterans Day

Veterans are in for a whole lot of free eats this weekend with Veterans Day coming up Monday.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebie Friday: Hair coloring, self-defense classes and more

Everyone loves something free and this week's Freebie Friday has a wide range of offerings. From hair coloring to self-defense classes, there's a little something for everyone.

Restaurant Report Card: Gross Out on Halloween

Halloween is all about scary tricks and grossing people out, and our Restaurant Report Card is continuing with the theme of the day.

Restaurant Report Card: Fruits and veggies not washed

A "bootleg kitchen" and a popular pizzeria caught not washing the fruits and veggies before they put them on your plate are just two of the spots in our Restaurant Report Card this week.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebie Friday: Fall fun for families and dog lovers

Free fall fun for dog lovers, families and those looking for an early Halloween fright.

Freebie Friday: Free food, activities for people and pets

You'll find free food and activities for people and pets around Houston this weekend.

Health coverage insurance cost

Officials warning consumers of scams tied to Affordable Care Act

One week into the new health care marketplace, federal officials are warning consumers about scams tied to the Affordable Care Act.

Products that keep mosquitoes away

Which products work best to keep the relentless mosquitoes away?

Using technology to keep track of your pet

Using technology to keep track of your pets

Man's best friend may not clamor for the latest high tech gadgets, but many pet owners are willing to pay big money for them.

Restaurant Report Card: Roaches and rodent droppings

A downtown hot spot gets hit by health inspectors again. And salad, soup and health food were all deemed hazardous. KPRC Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis has the details in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Back 2 School: Find deals when shopping for uniforms

Your back-to-school shopping is almost done, but how much are you spending on school uniforms?

Pet harness crash test results

Pet crash tests show most restraints don't keep pet on seat

If you've got a dog who loves to take a car ride, you'll be glad to hear there are new safety tests underway to measure the effectiveness of those popular dog harnesses.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebie Friday: Burgers, music and health screenings

It's Freebie Friday and that means free burgers, health screenings and live music.

Restaurant Report Card: Rats and roaches and flies, oh my!

Last week a manager told us every restaurant in Houston has rats. This week, an owner told KPRC Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis that Houston eateries can never totally eliminate roaches.

Live Oak Bar & Grill

Restaurant Report Card: Rodents acceptable in Houston restaurants?

Apparently some rodents are acceptable in Houston restaurants, or at least that's the story Consumer Expert Amy Davis got in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Are you ready for tax-free weekend?

We compared internet deals to in-store offers to find out if you can save just as much without ever leaving home.

Mail delivery may change if House bill passes

Doorstep mail delivery may be cut if House bill passes

The days of the mailman delivering your mail right to your doorstep may soon be over. Legislators in Washington, D.C. have written a bill that, if passed, would require homeowners to move their mailboxes to the curb.

Amy Davis

TurboTax settles for $6.5 million in class action lawsuit

Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, have agreed to pay out $6.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Take advantage of this weekend's Freebie Friday deals

Be sure to take advantage of some of the free deals going on in the Houston area this weekend.

Restaurant Report Card July 18: Mexican restaurant tour

Consumer expert Amy Davis takes you on a tour of Mexican restaurants in the Houston area in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Power restored after outage at The Galleria

Power restored after outage at The Galleria

A power outage at the Galleria this morning left several businesses with no power for hours.

Houston adds two new grocery chains

Houston adds two new grocery chains

Two more grocery chains are jumping into Houston's thriving supermarket business.

Electronic companies accused of price fixing

A huge class action lawsuit accuses several large electronics companies of price fixing to keep the cost of their products unnecessarily high.

Amy Davis

Ford recalls nearly 13,000 vehicles

Ford is recalling nearly 13,000 cars and SUVs because the child locks on the rear doors could fail, allowing kids to unlock and even open the back doors from the inside.

Junk Hippy Road Show set for Saturday

If you like Pinterest, you should check out the Junk Hippy Road Show this Saturday.

Amy Davis

Businesses under investigation for paying employees with pre-paid debit cards

More than 20 businesses are under investigation for the way they pay their employees. Instead of a paycheck or direct deposit, they give employees their wages on pre-paid debit cards.

New for the Night

Boutique going out of business offers deals on dresses

A River Oaks boutique that rented high-end dresses is going out of business this month, and as they prepare to close you can find a great deal on high fashion.

Electricity tax

Are you overpaying for your utility bill?

If you shop around for electric providers, you know you can save a lot of money just by choosing a lower rate. But there is one charge you may be paying that you simply don't owe.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Houston's Fourth of July weekend freebies

There are free pet adoptions all weekend at the Houston Humane Society for police, military and firefighters.

dog and fireworks

Keeping pets calm on Fourth of July

Owners and their pets were out celebrating the Fourth of July day at Jackson Bark park on Westpark, but come night time most pet owners will bring their dogs inside because they can really get worked up with the loud fireworks.

Comcast refund

Comcast charges thousands of customers for taxes they don't owe

If you've got Comcast cable or internet service, you may want to check your latest bill.

iguana joes

Health officials close Iguana Joe’s Restaurant in Humble

The Harris County Health Department has closed a popular Humble restaurant after people said they got sick after eating the food.

travel deals

Score hot deals at top summer vacation destinations

Amy Davis reveals some of the best times to book flights and hotels when planning your travel.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebie Friday Deals of the Week

Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis has some great Freebie Friday deals for you.


Lifeguard drowns at community pool

A lifeguard is dead after investigators say he drowned at a community pool in Cinco Ranch.

Restaurant Report Card for June 6: Going upscale in Houston

We're going upscale in this week's Restaurant Report Card. Restaurant rating service Zagat says Benjy's on Washington Avenue has "knock-out American fare and stellar people watching." The customers may be cool, but ...

Leaf blower explodes in Houston woman's hand

Leaf blower explodes in Houston woman's hand

A Houston woman called Local 2 after she said her electric leaf blower exploded in her hand.

Plumber leaves Houston woman "high and dry"

A Houston woman says a plumber shut off her water and left holes in her only bathroom, leaving her without a way to bathe in her own home.

Restaurant Report Card for May 30: "Goode" doesn't make the grade

Consumer expert Amy Davis shows us why just because "Goode" is in the restaurant's name doesn't mean it gets a good grade.

Consumer Expert Amy Davis

High-end Highland Village dress shop having sample sale

For three hours on Sunday you can take advantage of mega deals at a Houston dress shop.

Consumer Expert Amy Davis

Consumer Alert: What to buy in June

The folks at Deal News compiled a list of the best and worst things to buy in June.

Apple agrees to settlement for some iPhone, iPod users

Apple customers who said their iPhones and iPods simply stopped working in humid conditions are one step closer to getting a refund.

Amy Davis

New meat labels to hit grocery stores

If you are shopping for steaks at the grocery store, you will soon notice a change in how the meat is labeled.

Consumer Expert Amy Davis

Stores think of new ways to get consumers to spend more

While you're clipping coupons and trying to save, grocery stores are thinking of new ways to get you to spend more.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebies for Memorial Day weekend

It's a holiday weekend; so you probably have a little more free time. We've got a few "free" ways to fill it up.

Restaurant Report Card for May 23: Off-temperature foods at several spots

Some of Houston's more popular restaurants had health code violations this week, according to Local 2’s Consumer Expert Amy Davis.

Moore Tornado 5


How you can help Oklahoma tornado victims

Here's a list of accredited agencies that are accepting donations, along with other information, for those who want to help the Oklahoma tornado victims.

Shrimp boat

Precautionary recall for pre-packaged shrimp

Thousands of pounds of shrimp are being recalled.

Small SUV Crash

Safety group: 1 of 13 small SUVs earn ‘good’ rating

SUVs are popular rides for families, but some of the smaller vehicles have received poor marks in the latest round of crash tests.

Fired rep convicted of identity theft before

A woman recently fired from a Houston-area based electricity company was previously convicted of identity theft, Local 2 Investigates has learned.

Freebie Friday_Business Consumer Franchise

Freebies for Mother's Day weekend

There's lots of free deals out there for dear ole' mom this Mother's Day weekend.

Repeat offenders make list

From food trucks to an Uptown seafood restaurant, there are a couple of spots making a repeat appearance in our Restaurant Report Card this week.

Water treatment plant

Wastewater spill cleaned up

The city of Houston's Department of Public Works and Engineering finished cleaning up a 496,000-gallon spill at a wastewater treatment facility in southeast Houston.

Electric reps steal customers' SSN numbers

If you've got electricity, your personal information could be in jeopardy.


Limos in Houston can't be 10 years old

Local 2 Investigates checks the safety of limousines in Houston after a fiery crash killed five people inside a stretch limo in California over the weekend.

Prajeres Cisneros

Company fixes woman's damaged roof

Ideal Roofing fixes the roof of a single grandmother's home after a tree fell on it.

Restaurant Report Card for May 2: Asian cuisine not lucky

It was not a good week for Asian cuisine, especially two restaurants along a major northwest side highway.

Spectrum Salon

Nail salon's Twitter tirade offends customers

A trip to a Missouri City nail salon ends with some ugly comments on social media and accusations of racism.

Restaurant Report Card for April 25: Man sick after meal

A rat made an appearance during one restaurant's recent inspection and another restaurant is under the microscope after a customer got sick. Here are the complaints and inspections keeping health inspectors busy in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Texas Plant Explosion

How to help the victims in West, Texas

Many of you are asking how you can help the victims of the fertilizer plant in West, Texas. We have compiled this list of places collecting donations. We will update it as we receive more information about what is needed.


Carnival to upgrade fleet of ships

Carnival Cruise Lines is investing $300 million to upgrade emergency equipment and technology on its fleet of 24 ships.

Social Media and Marathon

How social media helps in tragedy

The day after the tragic Boston marathon bombings, people are using social media to share touching photos and organize memorials.

Tax information

Tax filing deadline is days away

With the April 15th tax deadline just days away, the IRS estimates about 26 percent of Americans have still not filed.

Get free food, have fun for free

In this week's Freebie Friday, we've got a free meal and free dishwashing detergent to help you clean up after dinner!

Bus seat belts

Local 2 Investigates: Bus crashes, no seat belts

A charter bus crash that killed two people and hospitalized about three dozen on a Texas highway in Irving recalled other charter bus crashes where passengers were not wearing seat belts.

'Spa Week' offers cheaper ways to relax

"Spa Week" may help put a dent in the high cost of a pampered good time.

Egg Roll Generic

Houston egg roll factory shut down due to 'filth'

A federal judge is forcing a Houston-based company to stop making egg rolls for grocery stores across Houston and the country.

Roof damage

How, when to hire roofers in your area

Fast and relentless, the same words used to describe Tuesday night's hail, is also fitting for the roofers that have poured into Hitchcock knocking on doors, drumming up business.

Denied credit? Company must tell you why

Credit cards come with some responsibilities like paying your bill on time and not exceeding your credit limit. But there are rules that banks must follow as well.

Hail Damage 13

Insurance may total hail-damaged vehicles

Many drivers may be stuck with dents and dings caused by hail even if they have insurance.

Consumer Expert Amy Davis

How to find a reputable dentist in Texas

An Oklahoma dentist is at the center of a scandal, after investigators there say he may have exposed thousands of patients to HIV or Hepatitis. Amy Davis talks to a local dentist about how dental inspections are performed in Texas.

Restaurant Report Card for March 28: Roaches

We've got a double helping in this week's Restaurant Report Card. Health inspectors said they found roaches inside the food at two Houston restaurants.

bed bugs on mattress

How to avoid bed bugs while thrift shopping

Bed bugs that live in bedding and feed on humans are finding their way into the thrift store supply chain.

Same-Sex Marriage

Houston-area couples voice support for marriage equality

While same-sex marriages are not legal in Texas, there are many Houston-area couples who will be affected by the U.S. Supreme Court's decision.

Yelp filters

Does Yelp filter out positive reviews?

A man says his business is taking a hit because the online review company Yelp has been filtering out his positive reviews.

Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs a must-have for the future

In a few years, incandescent bulbs will not be available, so it’s a good idea to start replacing the bulbs with more energy efficient ones, like fluorescents and LEDs.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus settles fur complaint by FTC

A high-end retailer is settling charges that it sold real fur coats and shoes to customers who thought they had bought faux fur products.

Carnival Legend

Carnival cruise ships' problems mounting

Two Carnival cruise ships have technical issues forcing vacationers to cut their plans short.

Enjoy St. Patrick's Day parade, workouts for free

It's Freebie Friday and Consumer Expert Amy Davis has ways to save a bit o'green on this St. Patrick's Day weekend.


Warning for parents about parties promoted online

Hundreds of people were gathered at a foam party in Alief at the FunPlex. The last time the event planners threw a party at the same location, a 15-year-old girl ended up dead from an accidental overdose.

rodeo food test

Health inspectors check restaurants at Rodeo

Inspectors check out all places that serve food to make sure they're safe, including the pop-up eateries at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Tanning bed

Darque Tan, Texas settle lawsuit over tanning bed claims

A popular Texas tanning chain is shelling out a hefty sum to the state as a result of a five-year investigation by the Texas Attorney General's office that alleges Darque Tan made bogus claims about the benefits of tanning.

Sherry Cervi

Rodeo star targeted by ID thief

She'll take center stage at the rodeo this week, but before coming to Houston, a famous barrel racer got roped into something else entirely. She became the victim of identity theft.

Downtown Houston Macy's

Downtown Macy's closes its doors

It was bittersweet for downtown shoppers Saturday morning as diehard Macy's fans were at the door, ready to take advantage of sales on its very last day.

Freebie Friday: Spring break fun

It's a spring forward start to spring break, and Galveston is offering free fun to get you down to the island.

FTC cracks down on text message spammers

The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on text message spammers, and a Houston man who has been in trouble before is on their list.

How to survive new tax hike

As families see the 2 percent payroll tax increase take a hit on their budgets, financial experts are offering creative ways to maximize your bucks.

Get free breadsticks, Houston Zoo admission

There are free toys, free fun and free food in this week's edition of Freebie Friday.

Restaurant Report Card for Feb. 28: Sludge & slime

Sludge, slime and roaches -- three things you probably don't want to see in any restaurant. But inspectors found them all in this week's Restaurant Report Card.


Solicitors scour neighborhood after hail storm

Residents in one neighborhood are sick and tired of solicitors targeting them.

Play yard safety rules

Safety Commission has new play yard rules

New safety rules to protect infants and toddlers on play yards will become effective on Tuesday.


FAA: Sequester could close air traffic control towers

Congress faces a Friday deadline to stop a series of automatic spending cuts that pose a threat to jobs, school funding and other services in Texas.

Freebie Friday: Rodeo events, downtown Aquarium

It's Freebie Friday and Go Texan Day, so Consumer Expert Amy Davis rounded up some free rodeo fun and discounts.

Restaurant Report Card for Feb. 21: Roaches

Roaches running amok in several Houston restaurants -- it's what health inspectors found when they dropped by and it's what landed several eateries on this week's Restaurant Report Card.


Report reveals mislabeling of fish in restaurants, stores

Whether you get fresh fish at the grocery store or at your favorite restaurant, a new report has found that consumers are often not getting what they paid for.

inside fridge

Woman: Refrigerator cooks food instead of cooling it

Your refrigerator is supposed to keep your food cold, but a Houston woman says her fridge got so hot it turned into an oven.

Carnival at port

Passenger sues Carnival over 'horrifying' conditions

A Brazoria County passenger on the stricken Triumph cruise files suit in a Miami court over "horrifying" conditions.

Crippled cruise ship finally docks after 5 days

Crippled cruise ship finally docks after 5 days

A cruise ship disabled for five nightmarish days in the Gulf finally docked with some 4,200 people aboard late Thursday.

Carnival Triumph1

Carnival cancels 14 cruises after ship stranded by engine fire

Carnival Cruise Lines cancels 12 more voyages of the cruise ship Triumph after an engine fire disabled the ship and stranded thousands of passengers.

Internet flower services put to test

Buying flowers for a loved one is tricky. How can you make sure what you order is what your sweetheart gets?


Houstonians overcharged by ATM error

A bank is issuing refunds after one of its ATMs overcharged customers for more than a month.


Does chocolate toothpaste really work?

Chocolate is probably the last thing a parent would give their child if they are worried about cavities, but a new chocolate toothpaste now has dentists thinking differently about the benefits of cocoa.

flight boards

What can you do if your flight is canceled?

Thousands of flights have been canceled because of the blizzard in the northeast. What are your rights if your flight is axed?

Freebie Friday: Free shrimp, Dynamo Fan Fest

There are deals for moms, sports fans and foodies in this week's Freebie Friday.

Is home warranty worth the money?

Having a home warranty can save you a lot of money, but only if you know exactly what's covered.

Restaurant Report Card for Feb. 7: Roaches & rodents

One location of a popular Cajun restaurant got two unexpected guests at the same time.

Scammers target unemployed with fake check

Con artists have reached a new low, targeting the unemployed with offers that will set them back even more financially.

3 Harris County deputies fired in sex scandal

Local 2 Investigates learns new details about the woman at the center of the sex scandal that got three Harris County sheriff's deputies fired.

Gas prices surge in past week

In the past week, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Houston has jumped 19 cents.

Hobby Airport security lines

Hobby Airport expansion plans presented to city leaders

Houston's second largest airport is getting a little bigger.

Jack's Carpet

Jack's Carpet files for bankruptcy

A troubled Houston carpet company accused of stiffing dozens of customers has filed for bankruptcy.

toxic homes2

How to detect toxins in your home

Mold, radon and asbestos are three common toxins that can cause major health problems if you're exposed over a long period of time. There are ways to detect these toxins and remove them from your home.

Houston-based debt collector shut down

Bullying, lying and harassing -- that's what federal investigators say one Houston man and his debt collection company were doing.

Get free tax help, flu shots

It's flu and tax season and there is free help for both.

Restaurant Report Card for Jan. 31: Roaches, rodent droppings

Steak, seafood, sandwiches and dessert -- this week's Restaurant Report Card has a little something for every palate. And, of course, we're going to tell you about the stuff that's not so palatable.

Charles Romo

Native Houstonian found dead, bound in NY

A native Houstonian who was living in New York is found dead, and police are trying to figure out who killed him and why his body was bound.

credit card swipe

Could paying with credit card cost you more?

Texas gets a pass from new credit card fees, but shoppers could run into them online.

Get free paint, have fun at festival

Do-it-yourselfers, we've found a place where you can get free paint and yard supplies.

Carlton Berry, Trey Foster

Second suspect charged in college shooting

A second man is charged as the gunman in a shooting at Lone Star College that left three people wounded. He has not been arrested.

Restaurant Report Card for Jan. 24: Rats & roaches

Hazardous cheesesteak and a dead rat. It's what we're serving up in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

spirit airlines ticket counter

Airline counter, TSA checkpoint close before flight

Two families ask for help when an airline refuses to refund them for a flight they didn't get to take.


Local 2 investigates recycling kiosk security

You may have seen new kiosks popping up in shopping malls. They'll pay you on the spot for old electronics, but a local couple said that new technology made it really easy for a thief to cash in.

Carlton Berry

HCSO: Man, 22, charged in college shooting

A man is charged after he opened fire during a dispute at a north Harris County college, shooting a 25-year-old man, a maintenance man, and accidentally shooting himself, deputies say.

value bread

Too much dough for value bread?

Some savvy shoppers check their receipts and find out they paid more than eight times they should have for a single loaf of bread.

LSC Shooting 40

HCSO: Man charged in shooting at college

A man is charged after he, a person of interest and a maintenance man are shot during a dispute at a north Harris County college, deputies say.

Bed Bug

Website tracks bedbug sightings

Wedding and baby registries are common, but now there's a rather unusual registry – one for bedbugs.

Beware of ads for quick credit repair

There are many ads popping up, promising to help turn a person's credit score around. Be very careful before signing up for one of those services.

Enjoy parades, national parks for FREE

Are you looking for something to do this extended holiday weekend – something that doesn't cost a dime? We've got some ideas for you!

Restaurant Report Card for Jan. 17: Sweaty cook, rodent droppings

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! That's how the old saying goes, but if you're a cook you can't exactly leave.


How to protect your Facebook privacy

Facebook has unveiled a new way for people to search for other people, but the new feature has raised privacy concerns.


Renters: Make sure your water bill is right

If you live in an apartment, you know your water bill can be unpredictable. There is a way to determine what you actually owe.

Are YOU getting your rewards points?

If you do most of the shopping for your family, you know racking up points with your loyalty card at local grocery stores can save you a lot of money. But consumer expert Amy Davis found that store employees may be stealing your points and all that savings.

Get free chicken, cupcake & tea

A fast-food favorite is on the list of this week's Freebie Friday deals.

Restaurant Report Card for Jan. 10: Cat & roaches

What do a cat, roaches and old pork all have in common? They all get a mention in Houston health inspectors' most recent reports.

Enter Passcode Password iPhone

Take steps to protect your smartphone

Experts are warning 2013 will be the year hackers hit up our smartphones with a vengeance.

Carpet cleaning

Get carpets cleaned without cleaning out wallet

Whether it's on TV or on the radio, it's hard to miss those ads for bargain prices on carpet cleaning. But can you really get the advertised price?


What do to if your Facebook account is hacked

What can you do if your Facebook account is hacked? There are a few steps to follow to try to regain control of your account.

Generic House Neighborhood

Beware of house rental scams

Landlords are raking in the cash as rental rates have gone up almost 17 percent, but thieves are trying to grab some of that cash, too.

Houston rental rates increase 16.8 percent

The Bayou City has always been known for its low cost of living, but Forbes said Houston had the highest spike in rental rates in 2012.

FBI: Houston had most burglaries in US in 2011

Recently released data from the FBI reveals Houston had more burglaries in 2011 than any other city in the country.

Find free things to do this weekend

Are you looking for something free to do this weekend? Here are few things you may want to consider.

Should you buy now or later?

If you're thinking of making a major purchase, you may wonder if that price will drop if you wait until later to buy.

Expect smaller paychecks in 2013

While Congress considers the fiscal cliff deal passed in the Senate early New Year's morning, one thing is certain: No matter how lawmakers vote, you will be taking home less pay in 2013 than you did last year.

Apartment residents go days without hot water

Dozens of families at a southwest Houston apartment complex may ring in the new year without hot water in their homes.

Felix Flores

HPD: Restaurant employee takes photos in restroom

A restaurant employee is accused of using his cellphone to take inappropriate pictures of a woman in a restroom.

Fiscal cliff could lead to tax return delay

The fiscal cliff may seem like a problem for Washington, but experts say lawmakers' failure to make a deal will affect the average person, too.

UPS driver steals iPad

Officials: UPS employee has criminal past

Local 2 Investigates is learning more about a seasonal UPS employee caught on camera stealing a package from a Houston man's doorstep last week.



How long do you have to exchange unwanted gift?

Over the next few weeks, thousands will stand in line to return some of the gifts they receive. Find out the returns deadlines that many stores have set.

Local 2 investigates school security

It may be thousands of miles away, but the Connecticut school shooting hits close to home because it could happen anywhere. It's why Local 2 Investigates is taking an in-depth look at security at Houston schools.

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Beware of text message gift card scam

It sounds like a holiday treat: You get a text message from a major retailer telling you that you've won a gift card. But, that text could lead to more trouble.

Jack's Carpet

Ex-employee: Jack's Carpet bounced $14 paycheck

Dozens of KPRC Local 2 viewers said they're having a tough time getting their carpet or a refund from Jack's Carpet. Some former employees said they're having trouble getting their paychecks, too.

amy house photo

Authorities: Burglars busier in daytime

Authorities are warning homeowners to not assume their home is safe just because the sun is out.

Check out free holiday events, get free samples

There are some free holiday events you can attend this weekend, and a couple of companies want you to try their products for free.

Robert Grusczynski

Man sentenced for selling fake Justin Bieber tickets

A man is going to spend several years in prison for selling fake Justin Bieber tickets on Craigslist.

CPSC warns about Christmas tree dangers

Safety officials want to warn people that along with joy, the holidays can bring tragedy as well.

How long does landlord have to return deposit?

If you're a renter and move out, your landlord doesn't have long to return your deposit or tell you why you're not getting it back.

Holiday House

Change holiday decorations on budget

If you're tired of hanging the same decorations year after year, there are ways to spruce up your decorations without busting your budget.


Couple fights store when Black Friday bargain denied

Millions of Americans woke up early and lined up or logged on for Black Friday savings, but the deep discounts advertised turned into disappointment for a Katy couple when a retailer reneged on their deal.

Jack's Carpet

Jack's Carpet to file for bankruptcy

Jack's Carpet has been one of the most popular carpet stores in Houston for years, but KPRC Local 2 has learned the company is filing for bankruptcy.

Get in holiday spirit with free celebrations

There are lots of free events going on this weekend to get your family in the holiday spirit and keep you from blowing your budget.

Restaurant Report Card for Nov. 26: Mold at high school

A repeat offender, a Houston high school and a popular Galleria-area restaurant are getting low marks in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

HFD gives fire safety tips

The lights are up, the tree is lit and there's hot cider simmering on the stove. It sounds like Christmas to most people, but to Houston firefighters it sounds like a potential fire hazard.

Gift cards

Get bonus fuel points in gift card promotion

Buying gift cards this holiday season may help you save big on fuel.


Protect yourself in Powerball office pool

If you're throwing your hat into a Powerball office pool, there are a few things you should do to protect your potential winnings.

Who, how much should you tip for holidays?

Who should you tip extra for the holidays? How much should you tip? Those are questions that always comes up this time of year.

Cars at dealership

Should you buy an extended auto warranty?

Whether to purchase an extended warranty or go without that coverage is a decision most car buyers will have to make.

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