Homeowners: Surge protector sparks fires instead of preventing them

Surge protectors are supposed to protect electronic devices from electrical spikes, but consumer expert Amy Davis has a warning about one type of surge protector homeowners said is actually starting fires instead of preventing them.

5 mistakes parents make with kids, car seats

We are halfway through National Child Passenger Safety Week. It's a good time for parents and caregivers to brush up on laws and recommendations from safety advocates about keeping your kids safe on the road. There are five mistakes most parents make with car seats.

As Seen on TV: Wonki Wands

Parents get roped into buying a lot of products our kids see on TV. The commercials are strategically placed in cartoons and popular kid's shows. Consumer expert Amy Davis is putting Wonki Wands to the test for "As Seen on TV Tuesday."

As Seen on TV: iTrex tracking device

The iTrex promises to find anything you lose, from a backpack  to your pets, even your kids.

Apps to help feed your family

A set of apps for your cell phone are now available to make cooking for your family easy, especially when it comes to shopping for the ingredients.

Freebie Friday: Labor Day weekend fun

Everyone is looking for ways to support local law enforcement this week. Two theaters are treating them with free entertainment.

As Seen on TV Tuesday: Squishy Sand

From Play-Dough to the playground, parents of toddlers are always on the search for activities to keep their little ones busy and active.

Freebie Friday report: Free coffee at McDonald's, zoo day at Houston Zoo

Forget apples! What today's hard working teachers need to get their day going is caffeine! It's why every manic Monday in September, McDonald's is treating teachers to a free McCafe hot or iced premium roast coffee.

Easiest ways to save on electric bills

These hot summer months are when Houstonians typically experience sticker shock opening those high electric bills.

Schools releasing student personal information: How to stop it

With all the papers and forms your child is bringing home this week, it's easy to just sign your name without actually reading all of the fine print. But if you're concerned about protecting your child's personal information, there is one form you want to make sure you read and sign.

Madewell recalls 51,000 sandals; new RV rental service rolls out

At least one style of Madewell sandals isn’t living up to the company’s name.

Back 2 School Freebies

Today is the last Friday of summer break for most students in our area; so we wanted to get them classroom-ready with a special "Back to School" edition of Freebie Friday.

As Seen on TV: Debbie Meyer Green Boxes

Wasting food that goes bad before your family eats it is a waste of money; but the maker of one product claims it'll keep your food fresher longer.

These 5 school supplies are waste of your money

From clothes and electronics to traditional school supplies, back-to-school shopping can get expensive. The National Retail Federation says the average family with kids in grades K through 12th will spend about $630.36 getting ready for the first bell. But local teachers say you can save some of…

Are you addicted to your phone?

How often do check your phone every day? Between email, Facebook and games, an increasing number of people admit they could be addicted to their smart phones. Now there are some new apps designed to help you stay off your phone.

As Seen on TV: The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

When you think of food in the microwave, you think popcorn or Hot Pockets... not exactly real meals you want to serve your family.

Testing products to stop repeated robocalls

Extended auto warranties, fake debt collectors or credit card services... whatever the pre-recorded call is about, when you didn't give a company permission to call you, those robocalls are annoying and illegal.

How to prevent car sunroofs from shattering spontaneously

Channel 2 Investigates looked into a very real danger for Houston drivers: sunroofs that spontaneously explode, sending broken glass flying right at drivers.

New membership-based website ready to rival Amazon

A new online retailer is looking to take on Amazon Prime.

Feds warn of scams on gift card auction sites

We buy and sell almost anything online these days, so why not gift cards? Federal investigators warn: Be careful if you do.

What does “Made in USA” label really mean?

In the world of retail, the American flag and what it stands for is about more than patriotism. A recent study shows more than 80 percent of American consumers are willing to pay more for products that are made in the USA. But can you believe those labels?

Door-to-door alarm scammers hit Houston

A consumer warning has been made about door-to-door salesmen visiting Houston neighborhoods with a pitch that could cost you a lot of money.

New app tracks Facebook unfriending

There’s a new tool to let Facebook users know who unfriended them.

Costco hacks for saving money without buying a membership

Do you ever drive by a Costco, look at it longingly and think "maybe one day I can buy that membership?"

Complaints against financial companies made public

When your credit card company bungles your bill or your lender makes a mistake on your mortgage loan, it feels like no one will listen.  Consumer expert Amy Davis offers a new resource to help resolve financial problems.

Apple's strong next generation of iPhones, urgent recall for SUV drivers

The force is strong with Apple's next generation of iPhones, and an urgent recall is issued for some SUV drivers.

Consumer Expert Amy Davis' Freebies for Friday

Escape the heat this weekend with the coolest free activities. Consumer Expert Amy Davis has more.

What smartphones say about user's waistlines

A smartphone says a lot about a person, including what they like to eat, according to a new study.

Airlines to change carry-on bag regulations, Facebook also making changes

If you think you're cramped on a plane, just imagine how your carry-on bag feels!
Also, Facebook Messenger is making a big change.

With Starbucks coffee, it sometimes feels like the emphasis is on the "bucks" part. It's not cheap. But there are some ways you can save some money with clever ordering hacks.

Lego will no longer use plastic

Lego has big changes underway for the rebuilding of its iconic plastic blocks.

Consumer News: Olive Garden cuts back on costs, energy efficient homes

Olive Garden has a new plan to save money and is the cost of making your home more energy efficient worth it?

As Seen on TV: 'My cleaning secret'

Cleaning made hassle free with As Seen On TV Tuesday's ceaning product that actually works!

The danger of buying fake products

Knock-off handbags and sunglasses are nothing new to Houston, but some counterfeit products can be dangerous.

Associated Press

Heinz apologizes for saucy porn site mix-up

One of the world’s most popular condiments is apologizing after an outdated promotion accidentally led a customer to a porn website.

What to avoid when considering roof repairs

Hidden camera video recorded by the National Insurance Crime Bureau shows some roofers purposefully ripping up shingles, scraping away some of the adhesive and outlining "fake wind damage" in chalk.

App delivers gas to your tank

If you feel like your gas tank is always on empty and you dread driving to the gas station to fill up, you're going to love a new app created by two University of Houston graduates.

Low-cost summer activities for kids

School is out for the summer; so how are you keeping your kids occupied? Consumer expert Amy Davis teamed up with Houston on the Cheap to bring you free events to keep your family on the go all summer long.

Father's Day gift ideas, Cruise line limits water bottles, new carry on size

Are you stuck on what to get dad for Father's Day? Now may be the best time for new tool for dad.

Pali children's furniture recall, Whataburger's break hours

Frontier Airlines has removed departure times on its boarding passes.

Volunteers move Meyerland senior citizen back into remodeled home

Two weeks after the historic floods rushed into a 92-year-old Meyerland woman's home, destroying almost all of her possessions, she moved back into her remodeled and refurnished home.

Juggle Bubbles put to the test

Kids are out of school for the summer and looking for some outdoor fun, and on our "As Seen On TV Tuesday" test, we decided to check out a product that promises to do just that.

Wearable technology is a hot trend, but does it work?

Wearable technology is the hottest trend for getting fit, but just how reliable is it?

Delta and Southwest airlines tweaking protocols, best discounts in June

Good news if you shop on Amazon: The company says everyone can get free shipping on some small items even if you aren't a Prime member.

Bunch O Balloons put to the test

Lobbing water-filled balloons at unsuspecting friends can be a lot of fun, and now a new product is helping people reload a lot faster.

Could you have hidden water damage following flood?

The historic Houston flood swamped hundreds of homes.

Sports drinks, trendy beverages not as healthy as advertised

Trendy sports drinks might not be as healthy as advertised.

Don't pay too much for towing, storage fees after flood

If you are one of the thousands of people whose car stalled out in high water this week, you are probably now facing some hefty towing and storage fees. You should know these costs are regulated by the City of Houston and the state of Texas, so drivers don't get gouged.

Hyundai now offering Google's Android Auto System

Hyundai is the first automaker to offer Google's Android Auto System.

Memorial Day Deals, Freebies

Memorial day is a day to pause and think about all of the sacrifices our men and women in the military have made for us. Houston businesses are thanking them and their families by offering some great deals.

How to save big by lowering prices on Amazon

As more retailers try to compete with the low prices of Amazon, the retail giant is also now price matching.

New survey says most customers not happy with their banks

A new study shows only 23 percent of bank customers worldwide believe their bank is meeting their expectations.

Takata expands airbag recall; PayPal ordered to pay $25 million in fines, refunds

Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata is expanding its recall, making it the largest ever in the United States.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball put to the test

Americans spent $58 billion dollars on their pets last year and in a recent survey, dog owners said they shell out just under $50 for dog toys annually.

Things you can do to avoid costly hotel fees

Finding a good deal on a hotel room can be tricky because of all the fees that are added onto your bill.

The best day to fly to avoid delays

Fliers looking to avoid airline delays should book their flights for Saturday morning.

Blue Bell announces job cuts, pay reductions

Blue Bell Creameries announces it is cutting jobs, pay reductions and furloughs on Friday.

Family claims to find human tooth in carton of Blue Bell ice cream

It's never a pleasant surprise to find something you're not expecting in a food product; but what one family says what they found has them concerned for their health.

Many food safety regulators not testing for listeria in ice cream

According to the CDC, listeriosis is the third leading cause of death from food poisoning. The FDA signed regulations into law in 2011 that would require stricter testing and reporting of listeria presence in ready-to-eat food manufacturing facilities that have still not been put into place. 

Texas health officials outline requirements for Blue Bell

Texas health officials finalized with Blue Bell Creameries the steps the company must take before selling ice cream from its Brenham plant following the discovery of Listeria in certain ice cream products.  The company agreed to the terms with the state early Thursday.

New glasses with interchangeable rims give users countless possibilities

Imagine one pair of glasses with countless different looks.

Convincing your boss you deserve a raise

If you cringe at the thought of talking with your boss about getting a raise, you probably aren't making all the money you could.

Kohl's new buying option, store pick up

If you shop online at Kohl's, get ready to start seeing a "pick up in store" option during checkout!

Deals for last-minute Mother's Day shoppers

There are still plenty of deals available for last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers.

The best days to shop for deals at discount stores

Discount stores like Ross, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are known for low prices, but shoppers don’t have to settle for the same savings that everyone else is getting.

Cinco de Mayo freebie at Taco Bell

If you're looking for free breakfast to start off your Cinco de Mayo, look no further than Taco Bell.

As Seen On TV Tuesday: Wonder Wax

Wonder Wax promises quick and painless hair removal, but does it actually work as well as its commercials on TV suggest?

CNN Image

How to eat healthier, save time at the grocery store

It's hard for many working families to prepare a home cooked meal five nights a week, but now there is help from local grocery stores.

American Express launches cross-company loyalty program

American Express is rolling out a new loyalty program, that doesn’t require an Amex card.

Crackdown on businesses showing Mayweather-Pacquiao fight illegally

 It's the most anticipated fight of the year, but there's a crackdown on people who watch the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao boxing match  illegally.

How safe is the shrimp you buy at the grocery store?

The average person eats almost 4 pounds of shrimp a year, but a big question is whether the shrimp you buy at the grocery store is safe.

Regions Bank fined $7.5 million dollars, Google released fashion report, Sprinkles cupcake ATM coming to Houston in July

Stuck on what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Turns out, majority of men know exactly what she wants.

Spirit Airlines expanding, should make Houston flights cheaper

Flights in and out of Houston airports are expected to get a whole lot lower thanks to major airlines adding new options for travelers; but the new flights may look a little different than what you're used to. It could mean sticker shock once you get to the airport to set off on your vacation.

Chipotle begins delivery service, Mucinex cold medicine recalls and more

The door-to-door burrito is now a reality, thanks to a new service from Chipotle, Mucinex is recalling some of their products, and some prescription drug prices are on the rise. Consumer Expert Amy Davis has more.

Freebie Friday: Fun events for the whole family

Whether families want to get out and explore, or stay inside and learn, there’s plenty of fun this weekend.

Houston now bustling with new delivery options for products on demand

Delivery services are all the rage right now from groceries to prescriptions, even alcohol. Just say the word and you can have whatever you desire delivered to your doorstep.

Local Facebook users create alternative to Craigslist

Julia Goodman loves to get a good deal. She knows sometimes the best way to get one is to buy and sell used items.

IRS falls behind on processing tax returns

The Internal Revenue Service is running behind on processing tax returns.

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Get 15,000 FREE airline miles today

Want to get away without going broke? Spirit Airlines is giving away 15,000 miles to the first 2,000 people who show up at these Houston locations.

New app makes saving on grocery bills a snap

A new app can help busy shoppers who forget to clip coupons before they go to the grocery store.

Taking the family to an Astros game on a budget

Taking the family out to a ball game doesn’t have to break the bank.

Keeping personal information off the internet

Have you ever Googled your name and didn't like what you saw? Consumer expert, Amy Davis, teaches you how to keep personal information off the internet.

New car repair service connects drivers to mechanics

Drivers no longer have to wait for a mechanic to figure out why their car’s check engine light is on.

Don't buy all organic: Keep grocery bill low by reducing toxins, pesticides

Buying all organic foods versus regular traditional food can double your grocery bill.

As seen on TV: The Gyro Bowl

Ella and Paige, 3-year-old twins, are undeniably adorable. But twice the cuteness also means twice the clean-up for mom, Leslie, when the girls have accidents.

British Airways frequent-flyer program hacked, Radio Shack not selling customers' personal information, Home delivery service app

The viewers of television are expanding. Thanks to BabyFirstTV, little ones who are just beginning to sit up can gaze at shows designed specifically for them.

App helps deliver items right to your door

A new app that bills itself as "your personal delivery assistant" is letting people order just about anything they want and have it delivered right to their door.

Houston homeowners may see increase to property tax value

Houston homeowners: Brace for it. You're about to receive your new property tax value from the Harris County Appraisal District, and you should expect an increase.

Houston makes best and worst lists

Houston makes 2 lists, Starbucks to halt "Race Together" message campaign.

What recent court decision means after homebuilder shut its doors

It was a huge homebuilder that shut its doors, leaving entire neighborhoods unfinished and promises unkept. Creditors forced the company into bankruptcy, but not before executives padded their own accounts with millions of dollars.

IRS scammers on the rise as tax deadline approaches

Channel 2 Investigates has been flooded with phone calls and emails in the last few days from concerned viewers who've received phone calls claiming they owe money to the Internal Revenue Service.

Maker of Children's Tylenol to pay $25 million over recall

The maker of Children's Tylenol agreed to plead guilty Tuesday to a federal criminal charge that it sold over-the-counter infant’s and children’s liquid medicine that contained metal particles

As Seen On TV's Potato Express put to the test

The Potato Express is a microwave potato cooker, and although it normally takes about 7 minutes to nuke your spuds, this product claims to do it in 4.

Amazon opens digital storefront, top 10 unnecessary purchases

Those small pieces of plastic you carry around on your key ring are likely more valuable than you think.

Sign up online, receive free goodies

Want something more than just bills in your mailbox? How about free samples, coupons for laundry detergent, skincare products and candy?

How to score free, cheap spring break vacation

Spring break is just a couple weeks away, so if your mind is already drifting toward thoughts of a warm family getaway, you can score free and cheap vacations by maximizing the purchases you already make.

Yes! Finishing Touch put to the test

We don't want you to waste money on a product that doesn't work, so we're testing them for you. The Yes! Finishing Touch was our first product to experiment with.

Skincare hacks that could save you hundreds

Ladies: what's in your makeup bag? Beauty products can be pricey. Add up the cost of all those moisturizers, toners, masks and cleaners: and you can easily spend a small fortune. But consumer expert Amy Davis got some Houston beauty experts to share their skincare hacks.

Is discount Tide as effective as regular Tide?

When KPRC 2 noticed Tide popping up by the truckload in discount 5-gallon buckets on the side of the road at Houston flea markets and even in some grocery stores, we wondered if it was the real deal.

Smart doorbells, talking "Hello Barbie" doll and more

Federal laws ban companies from using autodialers to call your cellphone, they're called robocalls, but scammers still do it.

Cheapest cities for travel in 2015, Taco Bell's "Quesalupa" being tested

Hillshire Farms is so sure you'll love its new naturals line of lunch meat, the company is offering to refund your money if you don't.

What are you really getting when you order Kobe beef?

You've probably noticed it on the menu at many local restaurants. Maybe you've even paid extra and ordered the Kobe beef. But is it worth the upcharge? And what are you really getting?

Eavesdropping? Samsung TVs can record your conversations

There is a new privacy notice included with Samsung's Smart TV's, they could eavesdrop on you.

Hallmark to open mini-stores inside JCPenney locations

After a year of discussions and a pilot program, Hallmark has announced it will open mini-stores in JCPenney locations across the country.

Tax filing season begins

Guess what time it is? Tax filing season.

Shopping high-end at consignment stores

If you're looking to redecorate, don't forget about Houston's consignment stores.

Secret codes can save you big at Costco

Costco is already a place you can go to save some money, but you can actually keep even more cash in your pocket if you know what to do.

Wireless thermometer patch for children, Cattle DNA tests for meet quality

If you're tired of waking up to certain songs on your phone, or that migraine-causing beeping of a traditional clock, there might be another open debuting soon. A sunrise light bulb alarm clock.

How to make fancy bar cocktails at home

Local 2 asked the creative director at one of Houston's hottest bars, Sanctuari Bar at Triniti to show us how to mix up some of their fancy cocktails in our own kitchen. All you really need is three main ingredients.

Save big on New Year's Eve: Frugal finds at liquor store

Amercans spend billions on beer, wine and liquor every year. Even if you don't typically indulge, you may raise your glass to ring in the new year this week. Consumer expert Amy Davis shows how to save our budgets from a bender with some frugal finds at the liquor store.

Planning, tax tips to save you big on 2014 tax returns

The No. 1 tax strategy missed by consumers every year could save you hundreds of dollars and provide a perfect tax deduction. All you have to do is ...

Santa Claus visits go digital

If your children need a Santa fix and a trip to the mall just isn't in the cards this week, try a cyber Santa visit instead.

6 things not to buy before Christmas

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, but some products you see on sale now may actually be cheaper after Christmas.

When to buy generic or name brand

Turns out there can be a big difference between buying generic versus name brands.


Is 'sick car syndrome' a thing?

Is your car smelling musty? It may be making you sick.

Giving Tuesday raises money for charity

After all the Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday deals, charities around the world want you to open your wallets again for giving Tuesday.

Retailers roll out Cyber Monday deals

Just like with Black Friday, major retailers are extending the Cyber Monday deals.

Criminals find ways to get personal info

Credit cards got a big workout on Black Friday. Just because that plastic is in your wallet doesn't mean you're safe from identity thieves. Criminals are finding resourceful ways to get your personal information in their hands.

Target rolls out Black Friday deals

Target is rolling out its Black Friday deals, featuring weekend-long discounts on everything from fashionable clothes to the hottest toys.

Consumer Expert: Avoiding hidden holiday costs

There's no doubt that holidays are costly. The National Retail Federation estimates the average shopper will spend about $800, although Deloitte puts the average closer to $1,300.

Best Black Friday shopping deals

There are a lot of great deals for coffee lovers this Black Friday.

Black Friday Frenzy: Finding the best deals

Black Friday shopping is a competition for your dollars. Every store wants your money and you want to keep as much of it as you can.

Grocery stores hours for Thanksgiving Day

Plenty of stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day for shoppers who need a last-minute ingredient for dinner or a bottle of wine.

Picking the perfect Christmas tree

Buying an artificial Christmas tree can save both money and time, but shoppers have to know where to look.

Price checking this holiday season's most popular toys

With so many choices on the shelves, even Santa Claus has trouble sometimes picking out the perfect toys. Local 2’s Ruben Galvan and Consumer Expert Amy Davis teamed up to find the toys that young children love, at unbeatable prices. 

Best deals on turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving

Grocery stores are rolling out their best deals on turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving Day.

Brew up big savings on Keurig refills

Keurig coffee makers are all the rage right now with java fanatics, but K-Cups refills can get expensive.

Houston students give girls in Afghanistan a chance to learn

Students at a local elementary school are raising money, not for a new playground or uniforms, but to help girls a world away get an education.

Grocery delivery services put to the test

Buying food for your family each week is a necessity, but it can be crowded, time consuming and, if you've got little ones, it can be exhausting.

Off-brand cell service becoming popular with teens

Chances are, if you have kids, they want you to get them a cellphone. If you're holding out because it's too expensive and you don't want to be locked into a contract, we may have a solution for you.

Best Buy's Black Friday plans

Best Buy joins the list of retailers not just opening on Thanksgiving, but opening earlier than last year.

Veterans Day Freebies to honor servicemen, women

Tuesday is Veterans Day and Houston has a whole host of ways to honor our servicemen and women.

Target Black Friday gift card deals

Black Friday deals are being heard every day now, but can you really beat free money?

Groupon has new way to find great travel deals

Groupon has launched a new app designed to make it easier to find deals on travel.

Owners turn to wellness plan, health insurance for pets

Most pet owners will do anything for their four-legged family members, but when animals get injured or sick the price tag can be overwhelming. That's why more pet owners are now turning to wellness plans or health insurance for their pets.

Freebie Friday, Postal service holiday plan

The U.S. Postal Service is stepping up its game, getting ready for an onslaught of holiday shopping.

App lets drivers learn about outstanding safety recalls

More than 47 million cars have been recalled this year. It's a staggering number. Even more troubling, one in six cars on Houston roadways have an outstanding safety recall. Now an app is helping you find out if yours is one of them.

American Beagle Outfitters, JCPenny Thanksgiving hours

Many consumers say they want to know if the food they're eating has been altered or modified. But when several states put GMO labeling requirements on the ballot Tuesday, voters rejected the idea.


Creative ways to control how much Halloween candy your kids eat

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without the candy, but once collected some parents have come up with creative ways to control their kids' consumption.

Rich Brooks/CNN

New deals as phone companies try to steal customers from competitors

If you're looking to change phones or plans, right now could be the best time.

Financial pitfalls for women to avoid

Mistake number 1: We don't just say "No."

UPS & FedEx announce busiest shipping days

Last year many people didn't get their holiday packages delivered in time for Christmas, so shoppers better ship early this year.

Dozens of stores offer free shipping with no minimum purchase

This holiday season at least 45 retailers are offering free shipping with no minimum purchase.

I-Cloak protects you from online spying

Every time you shop online, you're letting strangers into your life. That's why one man created a brand new device that essentially keeps you invisible online.

Freebie Friday: Movies, pumpkins and burgers

Strap on your proton packs and get ready for some free activities this weekend.

Where to find the cheapest candy this Halloween

There are sales all over the place, so it's easy to just grab a few bags of candy where ever you happen to be shopping. But if you do, you'll be wasting money and possibly depriving little ghosts and goblins of treats if you don't get the most sweet stuff for the least green stuff.

Restaurant Report Card: Employee cooks with open wound

Off-temperature food, black residue in an ice machine and rat droppings also included.

Yelp hotel rooms, Holiday travel, Apple iCloud warning, ibuprofen recall

Yelp isn't just for checking and posting reviews anymore. The online review site now lets users book hotel rooms right on Yelp with the site's app.

Travel site offers name-your-price rooms cheaper than the competition

When you're planning a vacation, you want decadence without having to declare bankruptcy... a hotel with frills without spending a fortune. It's exactly what a new name-your-own-price website promises.

Four Apps to Help You Save & Earn Money

Cutting coupons isn't as easy as it sounds. There's the clipping, the sorting... and then you have to remember to bring them to the store. But with new money saving apps, all you really need is your smart phone.

Leveraging social media to save money

Gone are the days of finely-crafted letters to a business’ corporate office when a company upsets a customer. Customers can now grab a company’s attention on social media. 

Is your flashlight app spying on you?

If you've got one of those flashlight apps on your smart phone, mobile security experts say you should uninstall it immediately.

Freebie Friday: Festivals, movies, workouts & fright fests

There's plenty of freebies this weekend around the Houston area.

Restaurant Report Card: Unsolicited taste test at Mexican eatery

Also included: Unusable chicken and rodent droppings at a local university's student center.

Tech company owner tries to hide his shady past

A simple consumer complaint about a local computer repair company has sparked an investigation spanning two states.

How to prevent buying, renting homes contaminated with toxic meth

Thousands of Americans have unknowingly bought or rented homes contaminated with toxic meth, but there are some simple steps you can take to avoid an expensive and dangerous home-buying mistake.

How to get a special test drive of the 2015 Ford F-150

Ford is letting a select 20,000 people across the country test drive its new 2015 F-150 before the trucks arrive at local dealerships.

Harris County sues nightclub Kryptonite that DEA raided

Harris County is suing a downtown nightclub that was raided last Friday night. County leaders held a news conference Tuesday to announce the suit, and they say they want to force the owners of the nightclub Kryptonite to obey the law.

IRS warns of fraudulent scam by phone

The Internal Revenue Service is warning people about an old scam that seems to be picking up steam again.

Harris County man charged with intoxication manslaughter

A Harris County man suspected of drunken driving is facing chargers for killing another driver.

Woman claims she found maggots in restaurant soup

A Houston-area woman says she made a disturbing and dangerous discovery in her takeout dinner from a local restaurant. Brooklyn Weathers said she found maggots in her soup, and she has the video for proof.

Restaurant Report Card: Country club has hygiene issue

Fine dining or fast food, Houston health inspectors don't discriminate when it comes to holding restaurants accountable.

Freebie Friday: Labor Day Weekend edition

Monday is not only Labor Day, it's also National Yoga Day. We've got two opportunities for you to strike a pose for free in celebration.

Back 2 School: Buying the right backpack

It's prime time to shop for school supplies, including backpacks.

Caught on camera: Postal worker throws package across driveway

Snow, rain, sleet or hail, you know the rest. But one mail carrier's not-so-careful handling of a package was caught on camera and it has the  man on the receiving end left with a box of damaged goods.

Houston Restaurant Weeks offers good food for charitable cause

Houston Restaurant Weeks isn't just about eating delicious food across town - it's also a charitable endeavor.

Restaurant Report Card: Roaches found at popular juice chain

Also included: Condemned bisque found at a popular downtown eatery.

Lake Conroe resort sued over death of 8-year-old

A Montgomery County resort is facing a lawsuit, accused of poor maintenance of electrical wiring that allegedly caused the death of an 8-year-old boy.

Apartment teardown causes dilemma for Montrose residents

Another mid-rise luxury apartment complex is in the works and it means dozens of people are looking for a new place to live.

Arrest made as more marijuana fields found in Polk County

Law enforcement finds more parts of an elaborate marijuana growing operation in Goodrich and an arrest is made.

Video of semi-pro MMA fighter knocking out robber goes viral

You saw him first on Local 2 -- a convenience store clerk who turned the table on a pair of robbers. Now his story has gone viral. Local 2's Amy Davis talked to the clerk-turned-hero about his newfound fame.

Gas station clerk with MMA training surprises thieves

A southside convenience store clerk turned the tables on a pair of accused robbers.

Freebie Friday July 25: Treasure hunting, fine art and health screenings

Also included: A free festival at Discovery Green and a chance for kids to learn about weather from one of KPRC's own meteorologists.

Local 2 investigation protects consumers from identity thief

Your information is safe from a convicted identity thief thanks to a Local 2 investigation.

DIY security camera installations at home

Local 2 consumer expert Amy Davis compares different surveillance cameras and shows how homeowners are setting up their own surveillance systems for next to nothing.

Freebie Friday: Art, wine and music on the cheap

Find several family friendly events in the Houston area.

Neighbors worried over Kemah house turned into substance abuse facility

Homeowners are concerned that a house in their neighborhood will be used as a high-end drug rehabilitation facility.

Freebie Friday: 4th of July edition

Find art, music, food and movies at a bargain across the Houston area this weekend.

Could you be getting knockoffs at outlet malls?

Outlet malls are synonymous with saving money, a place to score brand name clothes and handbags on a budget. But what if we told you what you're really getting is a knockoff?

Graco recalls 1.9 million infant car seats

Graco is recalling an item used on almost 2 million infant car seats.

Are extended service agreements worth it to keep AC units in shape?

Keeping your air conditioning unit in shape can cost a lot of money. So Local 2 is taking a closer look at extended service agreements to see if they're worth the cash and if they actually pay off for homeowners.

Houston-area identity thief exposed on Local 2 now on probation

A Houston-area identity thief first exposed on Local 2 last year is now on probation and the thief's victim says now everyone's financial information is at risk.

City of Houston: Water is safe to drink, use

After four days of increasing complaints from citizens across Houston and a Local 2 News report, the city's Public Works Department finally released some answers about why the tap water recently tastes and smells foul.


Can a wristband repel mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are definitely annoying and that is why the Curtis family was happy to test out a new product -- a rubber wristband that repels mosquitoes.

More concerns over safety of bounce houses

A popular fixture at festivals and parties has proven to be a risk for children.

Apartment complex goes days without power

Dozens of families have been going without power since Saturday afternoon.

Few days left to protest latest property tax bill

If you own a home in Harris County, you have only a few days left to protest your latest property tax bill. Experts say this is one of the most important years to protest the valuation of your home.

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Where does your food come from? Labels don't tell entire story

You shop. You buy. You eat. Chances are you may not pay attention to where all that food comes from. But now, some experts say not knowing the origins of your food could be putting your health at risk.

5 apps parents should delete from kid's phones

KPRC Local 2's Amy Davis is explaining why a new trend in apps is taking bullying and criminal activity to a whole new level.

Overstuffed mailboxes have postal customers concerned

Stuffed and overflowing mailboxes at Houston area post offices have customers concerned the postal service is putting their mail and personal information at risk.

New high-tech device helps find ideal mattress for your body

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. It's why finding the right mattress is so important. But with so many options out there the decision can be daunting.

Restaurant Report Card: Failing to make a passing grade

From a dollar store to a fine steakhouse to a 4-star hotel, Houston health inspectors hold them all to the same standards.

Freebie Friday holiday edition

If holiday shopping already has your wallet tapped out this month, never fear because Freebie Friday is here!

Commission moves forward with proposal to allow cell phone calls during flights

The Federal Communications Commission Thursday decided to move forward with a proposal to allow cell phone calls during airline flights. Meanwhile, the list of opponents to this controversial move is also growing.

Restaurant Report Card: Coughing, sneezing not good for food handlers

It seems everyone's got the sniffles this week, but all that coughing and sneezing can be more than a nuisance if you're handling food at a restaurant.

Thanksgiving travel: Texas gas prices lowest in years

Millions of Texans will hit the roads this week to spend Thanksgiving with family and many will get an early Christmas present when they pull up to the pump to fill up.

Freebie Friday: Pre-Black Friday freebies

It's Freebie Friday and our list of things to get and do this weekend is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Freebie Friday: Free eats for veterans this weekend, Veterans Day

Veterans are in for a whole lot of free eats this weekend with Veterans Day coming up Monday.

Freebie Friday: Hair coloring, self-defense classes and more

Everyone loves something free and this week's Freebie Friday has a wide range of offerings. From hair coloring to self-defense classes, there's a little something for everyone.

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