Remember the tropical wave called 92L from last week? While it never developed into a storm, it maintained its identity and has come ashore this morning along the Texas coast.  The satellite picture Tuesday morning shows a lot of showers and a few thunderstorms accompanying the wave just on the coast and offshore of south Texas. 

Ahead of westward moving waves like 92L, the winds are northeast and the air a bit drier.  When the wave passes through winds shift to more typical southeast onshore flow and the increased tropical moisture gives us back our more August like humidity.  

Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms typically follow the passage of waves to the west, so we should be in for some welcome tropical rain showers the next several days, all courtesy of 92L.  One could only wish that all tropical systems were so beneficial!

Elsewhere, the tropical Atlantic is quiet on Tuesday, and the National Hurricane Center sees no risk of development the next five days. 

Over in the eastern Pacific, NHC is forecasting a storm to develop and move northwest, possibly threatening the Baja Peninsula by the weekend.