Cold air rushed into southeast Texas last week Thursday and it hasn't budged since. That trend will continue through this weekend as reinforcing shots of cold air continue to keep the entire state in the tight grip of winter.

The good news is that sunshine finally returns to the area, warming our spirits, if not our noses, fingers and ears.

After morning lows near freezing and wind chill temperatures in the low 20s, Tuesday temperatures top out only in the upper 40s. That is 15 to 20 degrees below normal for this time of year.

The culprit for our cold weather is a persistent north wind around a ridge of high pressure over the nation's midsection. The ridge continues to push reinforcing cold air into Texas. Not until a southeast breeze develops -- and sticks around -- from the Gulf of Mexico will we experience a significant warm-up.

A southeast wind WILL develop later this week, and it WILL warm us up. But it's a weak warm-up and it does not last. The southeast wind takes over on Friday, raising our afternoon temperatures into the low 60s, which is still slightly cool for this time of year.  And, as quickly as it comes, it goes. A strong north wind returns Saturday, taking our temperatures on a downward slide once again.

7 Day 12-10-13