Arrest made in Falcon Lake murder

Mexican authorities announce the arrest of a suspect in the 2010 murder of David Hartley, who was shot to death while jet skiing with his wife on Falcon Lake in Zapata County on Texas-Mexico border.

College Station PD

College Station Shooter's movements, actions pinpointed.

College Station police pinpoint timeline of tragic shootings, new details emerge from investigation.

Nervous traveler leads agents to cocaine.

A nervous traveler, changing stories and plastic bags filled with hand painted Peruvian plaques leads federal agents to more than 4 kilos of cocaine.

The science behind an underground market.

Tracing the origin of the synthetic drug craze.

Navy dependent charged in fatal crash.

Bench warrant issued for man accused of causing fatal crash in Okinawa, Japan.

A Warning to both Mexico and US administrations

A report from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee warns of tough times, hard choices and the need for continued US support.

New meaning for the term "nose candy".

Agents report finding cocaine in block of candy.

Tons of cocaine hidden in subs

Coast Guard continues to see the use of so-called "narco subs" being used to smuggle drugs into the US.

Habla Narco?

Feds decode "narco-speak" used by Mexico's drug cartels.

Odds and Ends...

Updates on Local 2 Investigates stories, including tainted alcohol wipes, medical mesh and cash seized at airports.

Easy Money

How can you spot a fake money order?

A Superhero of our very own

I have never been a comic book collector, but when I heard Houston was getting it’s very own superhero I had to run out and get the first edition.

Warning From Mexico

Color me a little surprised when I saw a travel warning from the Matamoros office of Mexico’s National Chamber of Commerce regarding south Texas.

A Daughter's Mission

Sometimes in the mundane world of federal court filings, a gem shines through.


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