WATCH LIVE: Texas attorney general back in court over...

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is expected back in court on felony charges of…


Chicago police superintendent has been fired

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday that he has asked for the resignation of Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

The Voice, Final Performances

Nine performances. Three finalists. One and a half hours of musical magic.

The Voice, Final Results

Tuesday night’s results show was less of a results show and more of a two-hour long concert with some ridiculously big names and a best-of-The-Voice-contestants special. A pretty phenomenal way to close out a pretty phenomenal season.

The Voice, Semifinal Results

Could it be?! Did I actually predict America’s decision completely and 100% correctly?! It’s true people. It’s true.

The Voice, Semifinal Performances

And then there were four. 

The Voice, Top 6 Results

The time has come to announce… THE TOP 4 QUARTERFINALISTS (ists.. ists… ists..)

The Voice, Top 6 Performances

Well HOT DAMN, people! Now this is what I call a SHOW! Tonight all of the contestants performed twice—one song of their own choosing and another of their coach’s. Let the games begin!

Revolution, Season 1 Finale

And thus ends (or rather, temporarily halts) the saga that is Revolution. The Season 1 finale gave me pretty much everything I was looking for—a standoff between Miles and Monroe, a lil family reunion, some Captain Crazy Eyes doing what he does best— giving some major crazy eyes. Already can’t wait…

The Voice, Top 8 Results

If there is anything I have learned from Tuesday night’s results show it is the following:

The Voice, Top 8 Performances

So before we get to the performances from Monday night, a quick sidebar: on a show about singing/vocal ability… really, 50 Cent? I forgot you were even a thing. Also, you don’t sing. Whatever, on with the show!

Revolution, Episode 9

Second to last episode, y’all. It’s getting real.

The Voice, Top 10 Results

Tuesday night’s results show was a nail biter, to be sure. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME, CARSON DALY?!

The Voice, Top 10 Performances

This past Monday night’s episode of The Voice was one of the all-around best I’ve seen from all three seasons. Even the ones I didn’t like, I kind of liked. Crazy huge shout out to all of the contestants!

Revolution, Episode 8

Time is winding down, and the gang takes a serious hit in this third-to-last episode of the inaugural season of Revolution.

The Voice, Top 12 Results

Well folks, I’ll keep it short and sweet. I was off on my predictions, but not by much:

The Voice, Top 12 Performances

It’s time for the coaches to sit back and relax. Their jobs are done. Now it’s up to America to decide who moves on and who becomes vocal competition roadkill. It’s the Top 12 baby. Let’s kick it.

Revolution, Episode 7

With fewer than five episodes left in the inaugural season of Revolution, it’s time to get down to business and dig into what exactly is going on with these pendants...

The Voice, Live Results Show

These are some big cuts coming up, and I’m pumped to further concentrate this talent! Here’s what America and the coaches had to say:

The Voice, Live Shows, Part II

Now that all four teams have performed, it’s time to get ready for the live results show on Thursday! But first, let’s take a look at Wednesday night’s performances. Honestly, Teams Cee Lo and Xtina weren't as impressive as Teams Adam and Blake. I would say there were a total of three performances…

The Voice, Live Shows, Part I

There’s just something about a live show. Maybe it’s the overly shiny faces that haven’t been digitally retouched. Maybe it’s the impact of a live crowd on the performers, the coaches, and the viewers at home. Maybe it’s the crazy eyes Carson Daly makes when we’re short on time and he has to hurry…

Revolution, Episode 6

So based off of the previews for this episode of Revolution, I came to the conclusion that Charlie had been sold off as a sex slave in exchange for some medicine for Nora the Exploder. Turns out, that’s totally not what happened. Well… I mean it’s kind of what happened…

The Voice, Knockouts Part II

Two coaches down, two to go.

The Voice, Knockouts Part I

Let’s get ready to RUUUUMBBBLLLLEEEE!! Only one more round of competition until the live shows. Let’s do this.

A quick refresher on how the Knockout Rounds work: each team will be cut in half as the 10 remaining artists sing songs of their own selection and go head to head against a fellow teammate…

The Voice, Battle Rounds Week 3, Part II- Final Battles

Y’all ready for the last of the Battle Rounds?! I thought so. ¡Ándale!

The Voice, Battle Rounds Week 3, Part I

We’re gearing up for the final battles this week, and tonight most certainly did not disappoint!

Revolution, Episode 5

This week on Revolution

The Voice, Battle Rounds Week 2, Part II

The teams are almost complete, and the talent is getting more and more concentrated. Lawd I love the Battle Rounds.

The Voice, Battle Rounds Week 2, Part I

Monday night’s Battle Round was jam-packed with action—just the way I like it. And even BETTER, I got a chance to talk with Todd Kessler, formerly of Team Cee Lo, for a follow-up interview on his battle against Nicholas David, his experience on The Voice, and what’s in store for him and his band,…

Revolution, Episode 4

Onwards, Revolution­-lovers!

The Voice, Battle Rounds Part II

And so the Battle Rounds continue…

The Voice, Battle Rounds Part I

Can I get a WHAT WHAT for this season’s start to the Battle Rounds?! I mean. Talk about epic moments.

Revolution, Episode 3

It’s like the Revolution gods heard my prayers last week and delivered some excellent Monroe/Miles drama straight to my face.

The Voice, Last Round of Blind Auditions

Well ladies and gentleman, the time has finally come for us to wrap up these Blind Auditions and move on to the (thunder clap) BATTLE ROUNDS (rounds… rounds… rounds…).

Revolution, Episode 2

I am the first to admit when I have judged something too harshly, and I think I know why I wasn’t supremely enthused with the series premiere of Revolution.

The Voice Blind Auditions Week 3 part II

Welcome back my little Voicelettes!

I had two very distinct favorite moments from Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice.

The Voice Blind Auditions Week 3

Monday night’s episode of The Voice had a lot of BIG personalities.

Revolution, Pilot

Revolution, NBC’s latest foray into the dystopian, seems to have created quite the recipe for success:

The Voice Blind Auditions Week 2, part II

Hello KPRC Prime Blog readers—some news!

The Voice Blind Auditions Week 2

Oh, The Voice. I like you. I really like you.

Monday night’s 2-hour block of musical madness started off with what could easily be one of my favorite auditions thus far. Melanie Martinez, who looks like what you get if you put Cruella Deville, Lauren Hutton and Minnie Mouse in a blender and hit…

NBC Prime Highlight Reel

Happy Friday! We're starting a new project here on the KPRC Prime Blog. Every week or so, we'll be having a guest panelist or two talk about some of the other NBC Primetime shows that don't get covered on the blog.

The Voice Season 3 Premiere Part III

Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about. Wednesday night’s episode of The Voice really had it all—some phenomenal highs and some hilariously catastrophic lows (Schadenfreude central!). So let’s just dive right in.

The Voice Season 3 Premiere, Part II

So here’s the deal. We like to keeps it real here on the KPRC Prime Blog, and for that reason, I will not pretend last night’s episode of The Voice was all that heart-stopping or spectacular. There were some good auditions, no great auditions, and there was a distinct lack of Cee Lo’s fabulous new…

Go On, Pilot and Episode 2

There are many things I love in this world. Puppies, rainbows, a perfectly executed Ninja sushi roll. But there are few things I love more than Matthew Perry. This love affair began on Friends, continued through a slew of fairly forgettable movies like Three to Tango and Fools Rush In (which I…

The Voice Season 3 Premiere Part I

Welcome back to the KPRC Prime Blog! Dena here, and it’s been a long, sarcasm-and-glitter-free summer without you.

Awake, Finale

And here we are, in the final moments of this, the first and only season of Awake. We’ve been through a lot this season, haven’t we? Traumatic deaths, strange penguin hallucinations, betrayal, paralyzing fear of color blindness… red or green…? RED OR GREEN?! I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

The Celebrity Apprentice, Finale

16 celebrities, 13 episodes, and countless googles of “who is this person and why are they considered famous?” later, we have reached the finale of this season of The Celebrity Apprentice. And what kind of finale would it be if it weren’t chock-full of ego-boosting Trumptastic moments, starting…

Awake, Episode 12

So, last we left our heroes…

Fashion Star, Finale

Tuesday night’s finale of the first season of Fashion Star made at least one designer’s dreams of world domination—I mean fashion stardom—come true, with much fanfare and confetti.

The final task for the three finalists was to create three head-to-toe looks for each store- H&M, Macy’s, and Saks…

Smash, Finale

The time has finally come. It is time for Bombshell to hit the stage and for us to finally have a Marilyn! And of course, we’re back to the original question: Ivy or Karen? Experience or spirit? Tried and true or new and risky? We see the yet-unknown Marilyn walking through the backstage area…

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 13

When we last left our celebrities…

Lisa Lampanelli had just been fired and we were down to Arsenio Hall, Aubrey O’Day and Clay Aiken vying for the final two spots. Let’s not mess about. The final two are…

Awake, Episode 11

Watching this week’s installment of Awake reminded me of why exactly I was so excited about this show in the first place. It also reminded me that Jason Isaacs is THE MOST AMAZING ACTOR EVER. Ok, maybe not ever, but he’s definitely awesome. And it’s no longer just because he played Lucius Malfoy…

Fashion Star, Episode 9

On this week’s second to last episode of the first season of Fashion Star, the pool of designers was cut in half, with three advancing to the finale next week, and three going home. Every one of the six remaining designers was up for elimination, regardless of whether or not their clothes were…

The Voice, Final Results

Well folks, this is it. THE end. Whooo is the champion of the second season of The Voice?!?

You’re going to have to wait an entire two hours to find out. Yup. Two. Whole. Hours.

But that's only if you watched it live! Here’s a five minute recap of 119 of those minutes:

Smash, Episode 14

We are down to the second to last episode of Smash, and with the conclusion of The Voice having just taken place, I feel my Mondays already getting less and less sparkly. Sigh.

The Voice, Finals

Monday night’s final round of The Voice – where do I even begin? It’s hard to believe this is the end of the season, and all the epic moments that are going to happen, have happened. Or not happened, as the case may be. All I know is last night COMPLETELY shook up the order in which I thought…

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 12

As the numbers dwindle, so does my sanity, in this, the almost penultimate episode of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice.

The task this week was to create a 4-page print ad campaign to promote the CHI touch screen hair dryer, and deliver a presentation of the print ad, which could appear in Elle…

Awake, Episode 10

While watching this week’s episode of Awake, it became rather clear that the whole moving to Portland thing was never really going to happen, right? Because what better reason to stick around is there than a BABY! Hannah is feeling all sorts of baby crazy this episode, as she and Michael go to…

Fashion Star, Episode 8

The fewer designers that remain in the competition, the more obvious it becomes as to who can really make it and sell to all three stores, and whose time is up on Fashion Star.

The challenge this week was to create a look and an ad campaign that encapsulates the brand/vision/aesthetic of your…

The Voice, Semifinal Eliminations

And then there were four. Last night’s eliminations were definitely the toughest yet— going in, I knew this night wouldn’t be easy, but I have to say I felt for the judges as they stumbled and mumbled their way through explanations and justifications as to why one person’s dreams were realized and…

Smash, Episode 13

The opening to Monday night’s episode of Smash was everything I love about Broadway and theater and people who are involved with those things. How else can one convey the excitement of creating something so complete, so detailed as an entire world put on stage than through song? …Wow. I just…

The Voice, Semifinals

Ok. Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about: quality performers, singing their faces off, with enough production value to make a Vegas show look like community theater. The pros FAR outweighed any of the cons on this semifinal round of The Voice, and I’m already semi-nauseous at the thought of some of…

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 11

This week we were down to the “dirty half dozen,” and Teams Unanimous and Forte really seem to have this whole apprentice thing down to a science!… Sort of. If by “science” we mean vague idea of how “business” works. And if by “business” we mean being manipulative on camera/how to make pretty…

Awake, Episode 9

Well, there most certainly were some surpriiiiiises in store this week on Awake!

On the police front, the crime in both realities revolves around a football game between Seattle (the red team) and LA (the green team). Because really, we couldn’t use any other color scheme? The game comes down to…

Fashion Star, Episode 7

The mentors lived up to their titles this week, and worked with the designers one-on-one during the “Mentor’s Choice” challenge. Each contestant was tasked with designing a piece that would highlight their strengths and push them to create a design the mentors and buyers had not yet seen from them…

Smash, Episode 12

I think Tom Levitt speaks for us all when he says, "I HATE HER," -- "her" obviously being Rebecca Duvall, the death of all things good and wonderful and musical theater-y in the world.

The Voice, Quarterfinals part II Results Show

Tuesday night’s live results show saw some predictable choices and some unfortunate losses.

The Voice, Quarterfinals part II

I was definitely looking forward to this second half of the quarterfinals because the entirety of Team Cee-Lo is currently my JAM. Sure, the less-than-stellar members of Team Adam also performed, but it was really the night for Team Red. Even the weakest performance on Cee-Lo’s team was almost as…

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 10

Well folks, we are down to a final 6 after this week’s elimination, and these celebrities are getting twitchy. It is every man/woman for him/herself, and the only alliance really holding strong is the Aubrey-Lisa alliance, which I’m sure will go up in flames as soon as they’re pitted directly…

Awake, Episode 8

Well, if you’re not going to rock my world with some awesome, mind-bending, reality-questioning, schizophrenic-style psychological thriller stuff, you might as well give me some mostly-naked Jason Isaacs. Touchè, Awake. Touchè.

Fashion Star, Episode 6

On this week’s episode of Fashion Star, the designers were tasked with stepping out of their comfort zones and creating looks that were decidedly not their bag, baby. What’s unfortunate with a task like this is that you have a bunch of over-caffeinated, over-stressed, reality-TV designers doing…

The Voice, Quarterfinals and Smash, Episode 11

Helloooo quarterfinals! You know that part in The Hunger Games when the Game Makers change the rules and everybody freaks out? It was kind of like that on Monday night’s episode of The Voice with the introduction of instant eliminations (I really can’t get enough of these Hunger Games/The Voice…

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 9

Signing up to go on The Celebrity Apprentice as an adult is like knowingly regressing to teenagedom, but on national television. It seems awesome and fun until you realize you HATED your teenage years. Age thirteen was fun for NO ONE. All those drama-filled moments from high school you wish you…

Awake, Episode 7

This week’s episode of Awake sure was heavy on the police action stuff and disappointingly light on the what’s-the-real-story-with-Michael-Britten’s-accident-that-killed-his-entire-family stuff. We were making such progress after last week’s foray into hallucinations and schizophrenia, and it feels…

Fashion Star, Episode 5

So here’s the thing about shows that focus on fashion design—they’re about the clothes, right? Not about acrobats? Not about the importance of friendship? Not about the dangers of Botox and other kinds of plastic surgery? Huh. Well if that’s the case, then Fashion Star has some serious…

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 8

Now, where did we last leave our misguided celebrities? Ah yes. Arsenio had just lost his got-damn mind in front of Trump and spawn because he hated Aubrey so much and, even though they won, continued his tirade of hate outside the boardroom, as Aubrey not so mysteriously disappeared down the…

Awake, Episode 6

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about. When I’m watching a psychological-thriller type show, I want my mind messed with. I want to see some seriously messed up things taking place, and this week’s episode of Awake was chock full of mind twists, hallucinations and, best of all, BD WONG.

Fashion Star, Episode 4

On this week's episode of Fashion Star, Kara Laricks continued to be a design goddess, Ronnie Escalante (I consistently forget who this person is) still can't get a bid (oh yeah, that’s why!), and Elle Macpherson still has a serious case of uber-scary-botox-face

The Voice, Live Shows Part I and Smash, Episode 9

Can I get a what whaaat for the live shows?! No matter how you conduct the auditions and episodes up until this point, there’s a reason any and every televised vocal competition has a “live show” element toward the end.

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 7

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE DOUBLE WHAMMY! We had not two, but THREE hours of Celebrity Apprentice action this week—that means an extra hour of Lou Ferrigno’s incomprehensible but well-intentioned pearls of wisdom, an extra helping of Lisa Lampanelli’s eye rolls and woman-hatin’, and another glorious 60…

Awake, Episode 5

Things are really starting to take shape and the realities are separating more and more clearly in this fifth episode of Awake.

Fashion Star, Episode 3

This week’s episode of Fashion Star had more highs than lows, as it seems the weeding process is almost complete and only the really capable designers are left to fight another day.

The Voice, Final Battle Round and Smash, Episode 8

Well we have finally reached the last of the pre-recorded episodes, the last of the battle rounds, the last of that ridiculous bedazzled Frisbee hat that sits atop Xtina’s head.

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 6

Well, she’s tried to do it every week, and I gotta hand it to her, she really made it happen.

Awake, Episode 4

It feels like we’re getting closer and closer to something big with Awake, but this episode sort of seemed like filler.

The Voice Battle Rounds, Part III and Smash, Episode 7

So after much rationalizing, philosophizing, justifying and agonizing, I’ve come to the conclusion that last night’s episode of The Voice was just… meh.

Fashion Star, Episode 2

So here’s the thing I keep noticing about Fashion Star.

Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 5

I have two words to describe this week’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice: Lou. Ferrigno.

Awake, Episode 3

When it comes to a psychological thriller like Awake, pace is everything.

Fashion Star Premiere

In the ever-changing world of network primetime television, the only constant one can rely on is change.

The Voice Battle Rounds Part II; Smash Episode 6

We now find ourselves knee-deep in these head-to-head battle rounds and the teams are filling up.

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 4

This week's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice was entitled "Failure to Launch."

Awake, Episode 2

I feel there are two different shows happening here. I'm talking about our reality.

The Celebrity Apprentice, Episode 3

Ok. I think I’ve finally figured it out. Winning The Celebrity Apprentice does not necessarily mean staying until the very end and winning a ton of money for some charity. It’s not about charity. When is it every really about charity? And it’s not really even about money. It’s about the 3 N’s:…

Awake Series Premiere

Creativity seems to be dying a slow and shamelessly public death. This is part of the reason I love Awake.

The Voice episode 5, Smash episode 4

Can you smell that? That’s the smell of post-NBC-Monday-Night-Prime. Ahhhh.

Celebrity Apprentice episode 2

Sunday night marked the second episode of Celebrity Apprentice, and, as expected, we got our fill of whining, self-congratulating, back-stabbing, crying, and most satisfyingly, some firing.

The Voice blind auditions part 4, Smash episode 3

Hello again! Let’s skip the intro and dive right into the good stuff, shall we?

Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Premiere

We have a new show on the docket, Celebrity Apprentice, which premiered this past Sunday night.

The Voice- Still Blind, Still Awesome (ep. 3) and Smash (ep. 2)

Welcome back! Didn’t get a chance to watch The Voice or Smash? Have no fear. Dena the NBC Prime Time Blogger is here!

The Voice episode 2, Smash series premiere

Between The Voice and Smash, every single musical theater itch I have ever had was not only scratched, but Gold Bonded and soothed for perhaps eternity.

The Voice Season Premiere

Last night was the premiere of the second season of The Voice,

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