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The Voice, Final Performances

Nine performances. Three finalists. One and a half hours of musical magic.


The Voice, Final Results

Tuesday night’s results show was less of a results show and more of a two-hour long concert with some ridiculously big names and a best-of-The-Voice-contestants special. A pretty phenomenal way to…


The Voice, Semifinal Results

Could it be?! Did I actually predict America’s decision completely and 100% correctly?! It’s true people. It’s true.


The Voice, Semifinal Performances

And then there were four. 


The Voice, Top 6 Results

The time has come to announce… THE TOP 4 QUARTERFINALISTS (ists.. ists… ists..)


The Voice, Top 6 Performances

Well HOT DAMN, people! Now this is what I call a SHOW! Tonight all of the contestants performed twice—one song of their own choosing and another of their coach’s. Let the games begin!


Revolution, Season 1 Finale

And thus ends (or rather, temporarily halts) the saga that is Revolution. The Season 1 finale gave me pretty much everything I was looking for—a standoff between Miles and Monroe, a lil family…


The Voice, Top 8 Results

If there is anything I have learned from Tuesday night’s results show it is the following:


The Voice, Top 8 Performances

So before we get to the performances from Monday night, a quick sidebar: on a show about singing/vocal ability… really, 50 Cent? I forgot you were even a thing. Also, you don’t sing. Whatever, on…


Revolution, Episode 9

Second to last episode, y’all. It’s getting real.


The Voice, Top 10 Results

Tuesday night’s results show was a nail biter, to be sure. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME, CARSON DALY?!


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