Days after our most significant freeze in nearly two decades, temperatures have rebounded nicely. But more warmth has come along with more rain. A persistent influx of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, along with weak instability in the region have combined to bring us a soggy finish to the work week.

Cloudy weather with on-and-off showers will continue through Friday. Friday night, however, a Pacific cold front will swing through Houston and dry us out nicely.

Pacific fronts, unlike arctic cold fronts, typically don't cool us down very much because the air on the back side of the front is relatively mild. Pacific fronts do, however, often bring much DRIER weather behind them. That will be the case as we move into the weekend.

Behind Friday night's front expect mostly clear skies, cool mornings with temperatures starting in the 40s and mild afternoons near or above 70 degrees.

A beautiful weekend is a just reward for us. After dealing with a deep freeze early in the week and a drenching days later, warm and sunny weather is a welcome change.


7 Day 01-09-14