Brew up big savings on Keurig refills

Keurig coffee makers are all the rage right now with java fanatics, but K-Cups refills can get expensive.

Officials: UPS employee has criminal past

Local 2 Investigates is learning more about a seasonal UPS employee caught on camera stealing a package from a Houston man's doorstep last week.


Tax tips to save you money

The end of the year is quickly approaching and now is the time to make sure you're taking advantage of every tax break and that you've got all the receipts you need.

Freebie Friday: No-cost holiday fun

The kids are out of school and many of us have out-of-town guests to entertain, so we're checking out stops you can make around town without breaking the bank.

Local 2 investigates school security

It may be thousands of miles away, but the Connecticut school shooting hits close to home because it could happen anywhere. It's why Local 2 Investigates is taking an in-depth look at security at Houston schools.

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Which Black Friday deals are best?

There are thousands of deals at hundreds of stores. So which Black Friday deals are best? Consumer Expert Amy Davis breaks it down.

BBB analyzes charities before donation season

The season of giving is here. Many charities are hoping for your donations, but how do you know which charities are the best to give to?

Freebie Friday: Free Halloween events

It's the weekend before Halloween and with the chill in the air there are lots of free outside celebrations to enjoy.

Travel websites can help save money

Clicking on a few websites can make a big difference in how much you pay for air travel. Find out which are the best.

BBB flooded with calls about movers

The Houston Better Business Bureau was flooded with calls after our investigation into some local moving companies last week.

City fed up with cable company

The city of Houston takes unprecedented action against a cable company.

Watch out for secret shopper scam

How many times have you seen those e-mails promising a lucrative job as a secret shopper? It sounds like a pretty good gig, but is the offer legit or too good to be true?

Customers call police on moving companies

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Some Houston families turned to Local 2 Investigates after they had to call police on their movers.

How to get EZ Tag for tollways free

If you travel on the tollways, you're going to pay, but there is one fee that you can easily avoid.

AG: Look out for price gougers

Unfortunately, some people use storms as an excuse to charge ridiculously high prices for things like food, gas, and hotel lodging. It's called price gouging and consumers should beware.

Tweet causes cruise ship scare

FBI agents and Homeland Security officials search for signs of a bio-hazard attack on a cruise ship in Galveston, Local 2 Investigates reports.

Pink Slime or Lean Beef?

Here's even more information about pink slime that we couldn't fit in our on-air story.

Slideshow: Girl Scouts Just Desserts Bash

I helped judge the delicious "Just Desserts" bash for the Girl Scouts.

Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts

It’s one of my favorite events all year- the San Jacinto Girl Scout "Just Desserts" bash.

New HOA Laws

Here are all the new HOA laws that have taken effect.

Bagged at Target

Have you heard about Target's recyclable bag policy?

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