Temperatures fell into the 20s in Houston Monday morning with wind chill readings in the mid-teens, thanks to a brisk north wind. High temperatures Monday will stay below 40 degrees for most of the region. The wind chill won't make it above 30.

It's one of the coldest outbreaks in Houston in years. Monday morning temperatures fell to freezing in Galveston for the first time since February of 2011, according to the National Weather Service. 

The affect of the cold air is amplified by the wind. With a persistent north wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour through Monday afternoon, the temperature will feel like 25 to 30 degrees to us!  Covering exposed skin, especially fingers and ears, will help to cut the bitterness of the cold snap.

Temperatures will tumble Monday night through Tuesday morning as the wind relaxes and skies stay clear.

By early Tuesday, we'll be in the mid teens north of Houston, 20 degrees in town, and 30 degrees in Galveston. If the temperature dips below 20 at Bush Intercontinental Airport, a distinct possibility, it will be the first reading in the teens for that location since January of 1996.  IAH has only registered a temperature below 20 degrees TWICE since 1990!

The cold air will moderate quickly, beginning Tuesday afternoon. 

Our north wind will shift to a southeast breeze off the Gulf of Mexico. By Tuesday afternoon, temperatures will be in the upper 40s with no freezing temperatures expected overnight Tuesday night.  On Wednesday, highs will reach 60 degrees, and we'll be flirting with 70 by Thursday and Friday.