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Khambrel Marshall

Why does it never rain at my house?

In weather patterns, like the one we've had this week, this question comes up.  Why does it never, or, why does it always rain at my house.  I explain.


See the Blood Moon overnight

The total lunar eclipse is tonight and it's known as the blood moon.  Here's why.


Allison Bee, Birmingham, Alamama

Kelvin-Helmholtz Wave Clouds

You may not know but the sky behaves a lot like the ocean.  With the right conditions you can actually see waves in the sky.


How low do temperatures have to be for pipes to freeze?

It's pretty rare that temperatures go so low in southeast Texas that residents need to protect their pipes. If they do, here's what homeowners need to do to prevent those pipes from bursting. 


Forecasting beyond 7 days: What's our Christmas forecast?

I get questions like these quite often before important holidays.  The last several days I've received a lot about the Christmas forecast, much more than usual.


Amy Stonesifer

December Squirrel Watch 2013

We are coming to the close of another year and we've received some great squirrel pictures in 2013. I hope you are in the mood, because it's time for Squirrel Watch 2013!


Craig Churchill

Viewers' Hot Shot Pictures 2013

Viewers e-mail pictures to for KPRC Local 2 meteorologists to feature in their weathercasts. Check out some of your pictures.


Ric Fennell

If it's not a rainbow, what is it?

While mistaken as a rainbow, what you are looking at is called a halo. 


Roll Clouds

Roll clouds are one of the most unique looking clouds you'll ever see.  Here is how they form.


Sergio Gil

October Squirrel Watch 2013

Summer is transitioning to fall and our Houston squirrels are up to no good.  It's time for Squirrel Watch 2013!


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