London, England -

Why does it take 10 hours to eat?  If the picture comparing it to a normal-sized sandwich doesn't give it away, look to these approximate statistics for the answer: 40 different meats, 30 pounds, 14 inches tall, 2 feet wide. Calories? Don't ask. They didn't do that math because there wasn't a computer powerful enough to compute it.  More numbers according to one article: 3lbs. of ham, 4.5lbs. of salami, turkey and bacon, 2lbs. of sausages, 1.5lbs of chorizo, and "just a sprinkling of salad."

The next question is 'why.'  Why would Chef Tristan Welch (pictured above) make something so enormous and obviously not meant for one person?  To celebrate the premiere of a new Man V. Food show on the Food Network in the UK.  And let's face it, there aren't many, if any, sandwiches more challenging to the human stomach.

Let's eat!