Revolution, Pilot

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Published On: Sep 24 2012 05:30:43 PM CDT

Revolution, NBC’s latest foray into the dystopian, seems to have created quite the recipe for success:

Mix all of these ingredients together, add some unusually good looking people along with your token “average” looking dude (see Zak Orth’s character Aaron Pittman, the Google exec guy), and BAM! You got yourself a primetime TV show.

The premiere episode of Revolution moved kind of slowly, but my interest is piqued. I can’t expect characters to have really complex personalities or for the story to make that much sense after just an hour, right? I will reserve judgment on the series for a little while. But to paraphrase a wise man in the office, “I am not about to wait 5 seasons to find out what that little microchip thingy does.”

Here’s to hoping we learn more about the microchip thingy sooner rather than later.

Now I rarely do this, but for those of you who missed the first episode of Revolution, I think you should watch it for yourselves:

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