RUN or HIDE, but Clean up!

Depends...but here's some advice

Author: Frank Billingsley, Chief Meteorologist,
Published On: Apr 16 2013 03:31:00 PM CDT

I spoke to the Cy-Fair Kiwanis Club yesterday and part of our Hurricane Discussion included "running from the water and hiding from the wind."  In fact, our local officials advise that unless you are threated by the chance of storm surge, you should shelter in your home during a storm---it's safer than getting on the roads and easier to come back to after a storm.  After all, you can always leave AFTER the storm is over if you need to do so.  My extra piece of advice on this is make sure that after our recent drought you have any dead trees removed from your property.  Wind-driven trees are dangerous enough; dead limbs can easily become missiles.  And you don't want them in your house.  Frank